Continued Hard Times at Seattle Art Museum


I would make a comment in defense of a good friend of mine who thought they were more concerned with bricks and mortar then with art when they built the thing...but that's all water under the bridge now. Right, board members?
Sadly, SROTU is correct.

They need to wake up and smell the recession. Time to get real.
Showing better art might help with the whole attendance thing.
I'm sorry, Jen. Your perfectly sound SAM post has attracted the attention of a swarm of subnormals, like my flowered shirt attracts yellowjackets.

The SAM is full of great art and is almost certainly the most impressive cultural institution in Seattle. They deserve your support. They don't deserve boobs like Will in Seattle shouting inanities like "time to get real", or anything at all from John Bailo, whose idea of art begins and ends with a clenched fist.
Fnarf is right. SAM is awesome.

When they built that building, WaMu looked like one of the strongest banks in the country, had been around forever, and was one of the largest philanthropists in the state. It looked like an absolutely sound investment and great partnership. Nobody, and I mean nobody, could have predicted the mess they now find themselves in.

The cash flow problems are temporary. Once they get the building rented out again, most of their financial woes will go away. They'll have to wait until the recession is over before starting a serious capitol campaign. So a loan to bridge them over the next year or so sounds like a perfectly reasonable solution.
Three cheers.
... subnormals - you mean like people who were Patron level or above at SAM and SAAM?

The Sculpture Park was when I knew SAM had lost it.
No, Will. I think it's pretty clear that I meant subnormals like you.
aww, poor Fnarf, it took him three decades to get an internet stalker and he still fails to realize that he still knows absolutely nothing about how things actually work ...
Asking in the capacity of a complete layman outsider here, but could SAM cozy up with MOHAI in anyway? Sounds as if MOHAI is in the driver's seat with regard to securing their funding and maybe SAM could siphon some of that? Sort of a "municipal museum team-up" effort?
Good point, laterite.

There are a few family-friendly package deals where you buy memberships in the Aquarium and the Science Center, or Woodland Park Zoo and SAM.

However, having MOHAI relocate to the giant white elephant they own (formerly Washington Mutual HQ) downtown would probably be a bad thing, given the space/layout requirements of MOHAI exhibits. I kind of like it at the old Naval Armory, which is right on the SLUT line.