How 9/11 Could've Been Avoided...


The most awkward part of this is the connection with Courrier/Palestine.
How dare a media outlet use 9/11 imagery to prop itself up...oh wait...
This ad pisses me off because it brings out the jingoistic dickhead in me, and I hate feeling like a jingoistic dickhead.
I think it's funny.
Wow, I'm willing to accept poor taste for the sake of great wit, but this is just stupid and thoughtless.
AHHHAHAHAAHAHA. The only thing better than tasteless offensive jokes is watching prudes freak out about said tasteless offensive jokes..
people who work in advertising are not architects.
At the risk of being a jingoistic dickhead, that makes me want to see somebody smash a plane into downtown Paris so I can write an article about how it could have been avoided.
Maybe planes should be heavier. Then we could avoid nearly all airplane crashes. (Some would probably still rear-end each other on the runways as they failed to achieve lift.)
Jesus France, and with your Maginot Line elephant in the room, too.
This is what the biz calls "edgy". Whenever I hear that term, I want to get out my revolver.
See, this is just PROOF, that they KNEW the whole TIME, because the GOVERNMENT *APPROVED* the PERMITS to make the WTC that tall . . . PERFECT HEIGHT FOR PLANES WAKE UP SHEEPLE
I wonder if these twats would laugh if a plane flew into the Tour Montparnasse, the "ugliest building in the world", which was built around the same time as the WTC towers, and is universally reviled, much as the twin towers were until that morning when they were transformed into hallowed objects. I'm guessing probably not.
I couldn't give a fucking shit; I've moved on from 9/11.
Q: Why are there trees planted all along the Champs d'Elysee?

A: Because German soldiers don't like to march in direct sunlight.

I always strive to stay above the whole knee-jerk "hate-the-French" fray but damned if those frogs don't do their best to make it impossible for me to avoid.
I'm more offended by 9/11 imagery being used by Glenn Beck and Fox news to stir anger against Muslims.
Right, because Americans never do/say thoughtless/offensive things about other countries. It's an ad. an insensitive ad, perhaps, but an ad. Ignore it and move on. You are just helping the ad firm behind it get more money because their controversial ad stirred up press.
Seriously, you all are offended by this?

Will someone please please bring back Bin Laden's head on a plate so we can all move the fuck on.
What pisses *me* off is that people are still operating under the delusion that Bush was helpless in preventing it. He was asleep at the wheel, and acted like bin laden was a quaint obsession of Clinton's. When Bush's head is served on a plate, THEN we can move on.
It's just offensively unfunny. If you're going to use 9/11 in a joke, make sure it's hilarious.
The French have been talking shit about the United States reaction to 9/11 pretty much since 9/12, and American liberals have been thanking them. The irony is that only the American reaction to 9/11 could have given the French the moral high ground on anything. Capitulation during WWII, Vietnam, Algeria, nuclear testing in French Polynesia, the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior, race riots, and all their other bullshit -- France is one of the only industrialized nations on earth that makes the United States look moral and rational by comparison.

The reason (some of us) are offended by this is because it wouldn't be tolerated in reverse and because as @11 said, the French have plenty of other things of their own that would have made a better joke.
Judah, you so funny.
This one's a pretty sharp poke too:…
Learn to anticipate.
I suppose they anticipated the hate they will get from this.
I call fake.

In the first place, Courrier International doesn't have an English edition, so why's the ad in English?

The only references to it I can find all eventually refer back to that one post on ads of the world - which has a tendency to post all manner of comps, spec work, jokes, etc. as well as real campaigns.
french are awesome in so many more ways than americans

fuck the insensive babies, we deserved that shit, seriously

this ad is awesome

@23 And that peachy attitude is why the rest of the world thinks we're douches. Ripping on the French is seriously pathetic. All the bullshit you just described? We did the same shit, you fucking moron.
There's a huge growing presence of Moslems in France who are openly adamant about keeping their traditions and not assimilating into French society. 'Learn to anticipate' could be viewed as a serious warning, albeit cheeky. Seems in line with the dystopian French novel 'Camp of the Saints', a book written 40 years ago envisioning drastic problems caused by 3rd world mass immigration.

That peachy attitude is the last reason that the rest of the world thinks we're douches. Compare the United States to France or Japan on the Ethnocentricity Scale and you'll find the U.S. coming in a distant third. If anything, your facile double-standard is the reason the rest of the world thinks we're douches. Every country is ethnocentric, but only an American would be so paternalistic as to say that French criticism of the United States is appropriate (because we're arrogant) but that American criticism of the French *is* the arrogance that makes them criticize us.

Read a history book or two -- and maybe live abroad for a couple of years -- before you go around calling anyone a fucking moron just for having an opinion you disagree with.
I'm sitting here trying to come up with another humorous use of the death of 3,000 people. Concentration camp? Pol pot? Still thinking. Bhopal? AIDS? Nope. I got nothing.
I'm with 3, 19, and 23. France is its own punchline for us here in America most of the time. Just make a Maginot line or France retreating joke (hell, even remember what France did in the World Cup this year), breathe, and relax. They're just trying to troll us.

Which month of the year is Ahmadinejad fond of when thinking about WWII?
Periodically, I ask myself, "Wouldn't it be better if Mudede had written a typically Mudede post about this?" And, then, I hate myself a little. The post would be funnier than the ad though.
Am I missing something here? Would the terrorists not have flown planes into the WTC if it was shorter? Were the planes flight paths on some sort of autopilot that could not be changed? I thought it had more to do with the WTC being a symbol of Western wealth. I don't get this.
Woah Steven, are we a little sensitive about 9/11? The only other thing I can think of is that you're easily pissed off by french people. It's a joke, it's not that offensive, in fact it's relatively tame. Take a deep breath.
@37: We should've anticipated 9/11 by building all structures underground, apparently.
Seriously, guys. FAKE.

You do realize that 99% of those "banned ads" you see floating around the web are just hoaxes, jokes, or spec work that's got nothing to do with alleged advertiser, right? You have heard of photoshop?

Ads of the world is a fun site but they just publish whatever comes in over the transom - they don't put much effort into verifying if a campaign is actually real or not.

It's an ad, in English, for a magazine that's only published in French? Really? A magazine whose raison d'etre is publishing French translations of English wire stories. I.e. it's target audience is French speakers who don't read English well - but the ad is in English? Really?
The ad is a definite fake - but I find myself craving more.

I cannot wait to start hearing 9/11 jokes. I am so tired of 9/11 being framed as some traumatic experience to the American psyche that allowed politicians on the far-right to be total dick-heads with impunity. Get over it people - it was a criminal act by a small group of jihadist crazies - and yes people died. Why is 9/11 a sacred cow that can never be touched or made fun of?

What? Is it too soon?... More people die each year from lack of medical insurance and we have not spent anywhere near as much money on that as we have on post-9/11 security theater and 9/11 justified wars. Both of which are completely ineffective.

Bring on the satire! Bring it on!
@ 28 - Did you just say that we deserved 9/11? Or did I read that wrong?

It's not quite as bad as this ad ( from the owner of the Empire State Building who warned that a plane could fly into the towers.
That Slog is irresponsibly trafficking in this kind of garbage (via that rock-solid source of news, Buzzfeed!) that is so obviously fake should be an embarrassment.
Is it really fake?…

The rest of the ads in the series are a few pages in.


The Nazis used blitzkreig to smash the armies of Europe. It wasn't about capitulation at all. The British expeditionary force together with thousands of allied soldiers were driven onto the beaches where thankfully the sand and dunes minimised the effects of German armour and Stukas. Truth or to be more accurate a knowledge of history is essential if one wishes to act from a position of a moral highground.