Big Mo for Dino?


Polls are mostly of landline-using old people.

You can see that in the actual age breakdowns in the results if you go to the detail level.

Remember how Hillary was going to lose New Hampshire?

Polls are only as good as the methodology behind them.
funny how losing campaigns are never paying attention to the polls

also party funded polls are usually shit
See, we knew it was not HOmo for Dino because there was no apostrophe in front.

So my clickage here was clearly out of momentary boredom. :D
Polls are used for TV/Radio stations to bait one side into thinking they might be loosing the election months/weeks before voting day, so they pour in a ton of cash to counter whatever BS poll is being touted by said TV/Radio station.
amazing when you consider that rossi hasn't said 1 thing that makes sense since declaring his candidacy. are americans even dumber than i'd thought?
@5 sadly, yes.
@1, you don't know diddly about "the detail level". Nate Silver does, and he says you're full of shit. Polls have biases, and when you correct for these biases and combine them, as he does on his blog (now part of the NYT) they are very, very accurate. Unlike you, who couldn't hit the side of a barn from inside it.
Rasmussen has a huge house effect favoring Republicans
nice to see HomoLiberalNation
wallowing in clueless denial (as usual...).

it makes the totally shocked look on your faces
and your sad dejected tears on
election nite all the more delicious.....

So whens the debate? When I saw Rossi debate Gregoire the 2nd time around, both of them seemed to repeat the same political talking points over and over. All Mrs Murray needs to do is avoid repeating what she's already stated in her ads.
@8 Beat me to it. Rasmussen is not a reliable source for unbiased polling.

I don't know enough about SurveyUSA, but I wouldn't post anything online, like, say, to a blog, where I'd quote a poll to prop up some point w/o giving background to the methodology of the poll and the pollsters history.

Just sayin'.
@7 statistical analyses of sampling based on flawed gathering methodology only increases the inaccuracy.

Seriously, if you're so fired up about truthiness Fnarf, why don't you refer to the Stanford Wiki instead of the highly inaccurate wiki when you post? You still fail to realize the world isn't binary.
Score one for Will.
@13, no, Will scores nothing. He doesn't understand how 538 works. 538 doesn't need to defend its accuracy; it's right there in the numbers. They predict races extremely correctly. Bias or lean can in fact be adjusted for. To hear a complete pinhead like Will challenge Nate Silver on the subject of data is laughable.

@12, the "Stanford Wiki"? What are you talking about now? Do you mean the one at Stanford University that tells students where the good places to study are? What on earth is that in reference to? Why would I want to refer to that? And what does "binary" mean in relation to your post? Can you describe what you think is "binary" about my Slog posts or worldview, or are you just barfing up random b.s. again?

Thought so.
Just because you don't have access to it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

By the way, guess what the number one tourist destination for Americans was this summer?

So, Dwight, Chris ... when you decided to bone Seattle and make us your whipping post, was that before the huge red tide threatened your legacy?

I suggest you start renting parking spaces in Downtown Seattle. You'll be here an awful lot in the next few years.
@15, off-topic, and TOTAL BULLSHIT. As always with you.

Times Square and the Vegas Strip probably had more visitors today than Seattle has in an entire summer.

Feel free to provide documentary evidence of this super-sekret "Stanford Wiki" too. We don't need a link (seeing as how it's super-sekret and all); just some reference to it somewhere. You posited it as a much more accurate alternative to Wikipedia, after all. Or do you not even remember the bullshit you've smeared all over Slog even an hour later?

Seriously, Will, go fuck yourself. Go haunt the Seattle Times blog. You're getting nothing from here besides an endless series of TKOs.

Stanford Wiki my big fat hairy ass.
Fnarf, stop writing the instructions on the heel, he still can't manage to pour piss out of a boot. It's futile.
I'm glad I made popcorn.
It's very nice popcorn, Baconcat.

Tell Fnarf to stop peeing on the sidewalk, it's unsanitary.