Would You Like a Cocktail?


Bartenders' PR war?
It's always cocktail o'clock™ (which, by the way, I just claimed as a trademark, so you can't use it any more).
I believe the term you're looking for is 'cocktailor.'
Just as you cannot copyright a clothing pattern, you cannot copyright a recipe. From the U.S. copyright office:
"Mere listings of ingredients as in recipes, formulas, compounds, or prescriptions are not subject to copyright protection." You could conceivably copyright a print version, but not the name of the drink, methods, etc..
This explains the rich and wide variety of cocktails, and slight variations thereon.
Fine as long as the gimlet and whiskey sour are in the public domain.
@4, you're correct on recipes not being the proper subject of Copyright. Attempting to register the name of a cocktail would also be improper, I believe, because the name acts to identify the cocktail rather than the source of a cocktail. Trademarks work as source identifiers, not to identify the product itself: Apple brand computers, Maker's Mark brand bourbon, Kleenex brand facial tissue. If Freeman wants to create a cocktail and call it the Entitled Eben, but that doesn't make "Entitled Eben" a trademark for whatever the mix is he's created.
@4, @6, then what you're suggesting is that someone DOES need to get sued, by this Eben creature, so he can set a precedent of getting laughed out of court.
As a bartender in the business of making fancy and complicated cocktails in new york city, i can say categorically that copywriting cocktail recipes is absurd. the majority of cocktails being made are usually spin-offs of classic standards, ie the manhattan or the daiquiri. many of the so called mixologists in the cocktail world aren't nearly as original as they wish to be perceived. copywriting cocktails would kill cocktail culture.
also, mixologist as a term has been abandoned. and with good cause, it's really pretentious. i'll go by bartender personally, because that's what i do.
There's some reporting on the legal issues over here:

By his own logic, wouldn't Eben then owe a lifetime of back cocktail royalties?

Bartender should be the only term for this profession. Some are just better than others.
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