Teachers' Union Lashes Out At School Board Even as It Approves Contract


Employees don't get to fire their boss. Sorry.
She's not particularly popular with parents, either - and we're the customers. The School Board is ignoring everyone.
Could be worse.

Could be the County Sheriff - nobody likes her.
She's popular with this parent. She finally ended busing and brought back local schools. Basically told the social experimenters to fuck off. For that, I am grateful; our kids won't be sacrificed for political correctness and stupid 'white privilege' theorists.
@4 Goodloe Supporter! - It wasn't Dr. Goodloe-Johnson who ended busing. That was ended long ago. Nor did she bring back local schools. That had also been done long ago. Dr. Goodloe-Johnson didn't say anything to anybody. If you are grateful for the new Student Assignment Plan, then you should direct your gratitude to the previous Board. They are the ones who designed it - not Dr. Goodloe-Johnson.
Lest they forget, the school board members are elected by the citizens of Seattle. Given that their principle employee lacks strong support from teachers and many parents, they ignore this sentiment at their peril. They need to deal with the no-confidence vote as well as the many issues raised in the audit of the district (see an overview of the findings at http://saveseattleschools.blogspot.com/2…).

If the board isn't effectively overseeing the actions of the Superintendent and the district, they're not doing their jobs and not spending *our* resources wisely. Parents, make a few calls...
If you want to know if the Superintendent is popular with student families, then ask the Our Schools Coalition. They ask about her in their poll, but they didn't publish the results.

Since they got the names and phone numbers for those parents - illegally - from the District, perhaps the District can demand a full report of the outcome of their polling. By the way, the failure to safeguard confidential information was yet another failure by the District leadership. At first they denied it, but then the truth came out.

"..our kids won't be sacrificed..."

Oh god, they're killing children!?!?!?

"...for political correctness and stupid 'white privilege' theorists."

Oh, you were just being hyperbolic AND blithely dismissive of major racial attitudes in society. Bravo. Yeah, I had no opinion before, but if you like her, I'm definitely not supporting her. Busing provided access to the most elite programs for highly gifted students that I wouldn't have had access to otherwise, as well as top rated music programs, or vocational radio opportunities for those who were interested in that. Granted, the program was economically very untenable and the resources should have been redirected in these dire fiscal times, but you went for the gullet with class and aplomb.

I don't see where the union is asking for teachers to have the power to fire the superintendent.
"ample opportunity to restore faith in our teachers" Wow- that quote is telling about how the superintendent views teachers. Obviously non of us are doing our jobs, no one has faith in us, and we are clearly not professionals. Is it any wonder that teachers are angry.
Can you please elaborate on the District wanting to tell the City what to fund in their Families and Education Levy? Why on earth would the District want to tell the city to stop funding Family Support Workers? That's mind-boggling. And cruel. And ironic, given that the school district treats levies (and all public funds) as blank checks to squander, spend illegally and increase spending in a time of budget cuts to schools.
If it was just a few teachers complaining about Goodloe Johnson, I'd ignore it. There's always a few whiners, no matter how good the management is.

But when a huge majority of teachers vote no-confidence, that should be a wakeup. This should not be ignored.
The Seattle School Board should be responsible for the satisfaction of the parents with the education provided to the children. I do not believe even one of them sees it that way. I think they are quite satisfied with themselves, and I suspect that their cynical and disingenous ways are intended to dissuade parents from being involved. I'd be happy to have more information on how we replace Sherry Carr and her friends.
Thanks for the great coverage. We barely see any objective reporting in the Times. Chairman Mao Goodloe Johnson doesn't seem to care about parents, kids, SPS or our community, and the board is not much better.
The Seattle School Board has drunk the Goodloe-Johnson kool-aid. They ignore or dismiss clear conflicts of interest, they do not hold her accountable for failing to meet her own benchmarks. How many millions of dollars were wasted on the ineffective and unpopular SE Initiative? How many Broad interns have been hired downtown while classroom teachers are losing their jobs? Someone please take notice. The only thing she cares about is her own resume and her own press. We need the press to take notice. The school board is nothing more than a punch drunk bunch of rubber stamping cheerleaders.
I gotta agree with 15, but I also have to point out that "A Punch Drunk Bunch of Rubber Stamping Cheerleaders" would be a band I'd go see.