Not Registered to Vote? You Have Five Days


Mind you, if you're active military, you already got your ballot.
Thank you for putting this up! I've been meaning to call and change my address, but no time during the day to call, so I had just gotten the printed form ready to print and mail.... glad to know I can do that online now too.
Address changed, ready for my ballot! Can't wait to get Rossi's slimy face and persona off my TV.
Already voted, got my overseas ballot. They send you the ballot as a PDF document in an email, if you request it. Returned it via regular mail. Voted NO on both of the Costco/Walmart booze initiatives. Voted YES to send Dino back to the Federal Way Holiday Inn to give more "get rich in real estate with no money down" seminars.
Oh crep! I just moved a month+ ago.. h'ain't registered yet.. THANKS FOR TEH REMINDER ELI! Registering now...