So Much Local Art It Hurts: Fourteen—14!—Shows


I Have Grown Weary Of Discarded Shit Strewn Around
This is great, Jen. It's nice to read your writing about a range of artists, where you let your writing be kind of like the experience of seeing 14 shows in one weekend. Sometimes I'll see your photos on Facebook of art you saw that day, and I'll say, "Yes, but what did you think of it????" Even if you write a smattering of first impressions, that's valuable, and we want it. I do get the feeling you often hold back, favoring silence over a negative -- or somehow imperfectly realized-- review.

Maybe that new commenter (hiline monkey? gorilla something? hibrow?) inspired me to expound a little here.



14 shows and not a single decent painter.
If I have inspired one person to comment I have been successful. The dialogue is what it's all about. Besides, Jen's had the microphone WAY TOO LONG and her karaoke isn't all that great!!
p.s. Rauschenberg???? Nauman??? Richter??? COME ON!!!!!
(so embarrassing Jen!)