Tony Curtis.


Very sad, but what a life. He was a gorgeous man. Put a little grey in his hair in that photo and Jamie Lee is his twin.
Lindy, you've got nothing but sadness for us these days. I wish you'd stop bringing us dead celebrities and resume eviscerating shitty movies.
Not sure if I am more suprised that he was still alive, or that he is now dead.
All I know about this guy is that he led a very vocal campaign against "Brokeback Mountain" winning best picture Oscar because he took offense at the "grand Hollywood tradition of the cowboy movie being turned gay"' or something like that. I assume he had some sort of career before.
It would seem that none of his kids (including Jamie Lee Curtis) much like him.
@4, I always thought that was because he was uncomfortable with how gay he was in Spartacus.
Oh, Tony. From his first movie to his last appearance on the Graham Norton show, he was always wonderful. He will be missed.
What cracks me up is that the guy only made a handful of movies - 50 years or more ago - and yet he's still remembered as a "big star."
Swell. Maybe now he can ask Howard Hughes and John Wayne what their opinion actually was about Brokeback Mountain.
R.I.P Mr Curtis
@8, you're stupid.

Curtis has 130 entries at IMDB. And he reached retirement age twenty years ago, yet continued to work. How old were you when you retired?

Also, stardom is about quality, not quantity. Some Like It Hot, Sweet Smell of Success, The Defiant Ones -- that's a star's career right there. And Tony was always a superstar, even more than he ever was an actor.

Tony Curtis was also one of Hollywood's great raconteurs, along with his cousin the great Shelley Winters. Did he say some stupid things late in life? Sure. But for every one of those, he told a thousand hilarious stories. A whole world dies with him.

Plus, hot. Hot is eternal.
#2 - amen.
how sad that this is the film coverage we get from an alternative arts weekly paper.
"I am Spartacus" - a gay battle cry? a very 'gay' movie - even the cast - Olivier, Laughton. The scene between Sir Laurence and Tony (master/slave relationship) is gayer than anything portrayed in "Brokeback Mountain". There must be YouTube of it. The woman here at first glance makes you think Janet Leigh - but it is Jean Simmons. For more:…
to my thinking he was in three of the gayest movies made before stonewall. spartacus , defiant ones, and sweet smell. he would have been perfect in the quaid role in fuck him.
( riz is uber cranky today )
.... does this mean that poitier is next ?
..........and will i have to change my avatar ?
@8 Kirk Cameron made a movie recently. Now there's a STAR!
"As for myself, I enjoy both snails and oysters." As was always the talk about Tony himself. I guess he got a little defensive about it as he got older.
Such a strange coincidence, just watched that movie last night, for the first time.