The Look of Hate


Charles, if we get to past homophobia, racism and xenophobia, people will find a new reason to hate, torture, discriminate against and kill people. There is no future utopia.
too bad such a good looking gal had to go and be a dumb cunt.
The look of Global cosmopolitanism - but they're still just Frat boy/Sorority chicks from New Jersey most likely. Circle back to Animal House.
Charles, Charles, you've got it all wrong. ALL WRONG!

In "Animal House", the Deltas were the liberal non-bigots! They took in the fat, lame, the retarded, the blind, the turbaned -- everybody! In Delta House it was okay be weird, strange, ugly, damaged, or to make stupid mistakes; and then your "brothers" would console you and help you out!

Whereas the pics of the respectable-looking roommates who spied, and outed, and essentially murdered their victim are EXACTLY what I would expect -- good-looking, ambitious, vicious, back-biting, sneaky-bastard, status-quo-kow-towing upper-middle-class bastards.

Sincerely, Charles, fuck you for being taken in by a couple of handsome faces, and for being unable to look past the superficially unrespectable, but in fact compassionate and supportive Animal House types.
@4 FTW!
Also: while the future may be many great things, the present is the present, and lots of South and East Asian cultures can still be pretty viciously homophobic. No knowing from their photos if these kids are American-born-and-bred bigots or bigots from abroad, but there you go.
@4: FTW

I'm trying to figure out a nice way to say this, but I'd trust D-Day, Otter, Bluto and the rest with the future of humanity before I'd trust an Asian woman.
@7 FTRacist stereotyping!
Thank God they weren't white. That's all I'm saying.

He'll be interning with Dinesh D'souza, she with Michelle Malkin.
yeah, following Charles' lead on judging everyone by their photo and their image...I'm with 6.
@9 I had the same exact thought. I was relieved to learn that this horrific act wasn't linked to a white male. It's because I know I look like the kind of guy who would pull this shit (though I wouldn't in a million years) and I'm just tired of getting lumped in with the assholes.

And I'm taking away the supposed win for #4. Those people are some of the ugliest individuals I have ever seen. I wouldn't enroll that girl in a bukake video.
who says they're homophobic? Stupid, yes. But who says they wouldn't have pulled the same stupid stunt if it had been a straight couple in the room.
It's a bummer when your favored stereotypes turn out to just be stereotypes.
I have a feeling that the harassment in this case was less of a case of specific hatred towards gays, but just general meanness in finding anything that's perceived as "different" about someone by society as a whole and using it to torment them.

Just like the kids who mock other kids for being fat aren't intrinsically personally fat-phobic, but they are using the negative preceptions of a group by society at large to leverage torment on a target.

That doesn't excuse these kids, but it's too easy to paint them as homophobes, when the real issue in this case is the larger homophobia as society that created the opportunity for the victim's sexuality to be used to mock him.
Thank you @4!
I'm hoping those two didn't do that because they are homophobic but more because of the thrill of seeing someone they know having sex and being unaware of the damaging consequence of this "prank".

One way or another, I doubt that they will be able to recover from this for the rest of their lives.
@4 for the total win. Charles - don't you know anything about American pop culture? You were supposed to use a picture of the OTHER frat in Animal House. The frat with all the snotty, "handsome", rich, privileged white guys. NOT the frat that took all the rejects.

Damn, Charles - get a clue.
It's good to see you admit to being prejudiced Charles. Keep up the self-examination, buddy....
Thanks fer all the love, guys. But I have to comment again.

Now, I do not know the following for sure, but I will lay even money that:

The two douchebags knew their roommate was gay, was closeted, was tortured about it, and deliberately taped and broadcast him because it would have the most devastating effect on his life. Having gone through uni myself, I'm pretty sure they knew he was gay and ragged on him about it.

And I can only speak for myself, but if that gay young man had been MY son, I'd be seriously considering killing the two perpetrators. I've said it before and I'll say it again -- the only way gay youth will get some protection is when the family member of some suicided gay teen decides to apply vigilante justice; THEN protection for gays will happen, but only to protect the bullies.

Let's be clear here, I don't endorse any violence. I'm just saying that gay human beings, particularly teens, are not very valued in this society, and no substantive change will happen until some member or members of the privileged class get inconvenienced or killed as a consequence of crimes committed against gays. Yes, that sucks, but that's the way of the world right now.
@4 YAY!!!

@16 3/10 Troll harder.
I hope that every time these guys hear violin music they will ponder upon their being the direct cause of this talented musician's leap out of the world he deserved to live and thrive in.
"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." - Martin Luther King Jr.

The above is a double-edged sword.

Douchebags, whether physically beautiful or ugly, come in all ages, colors, sexes, nationalities, and sexual orientations. It's a species problem, homo-sapiens suck. Ask any non-human.
Meanwhile, a little perspective before we condemn either Animal House or these two douchebags:…
Wait. You think I'm trolling by pointing out that this is symptomatic of widespread homophobia in society, not a couple of rogue homophobes. Ok chief.
#25 - First, nobody, but nobody is condemning Animal House except Mudede.

Second, the article you link to takes support from the drooling scrawls of Saletan? (Anybody, just google Saletan and find out what a total fuckbag he is.)

Third, the "unemotional tone" Tyler takes -- well, a) it's internet text, and there's less tone available, b) Tyler's a fairly closeted gay so it's an absolute fact that he's used to keeping emotional tone out of his communications, and c) the day between Tyler's tweets is the day that he found out his sex life was over the internet, and d) his roommate is outed as a scumbag homophobic sadistic bigot.

The reason for Tyler's suicide is pretty motherfucking clear to every reasonable non-bigot-enabling person with any trace of sensitivity and humanity.

Having the new information I do, I heartily condemn those to roommates even more. Fuck Off and Die In A Fire, the both of you. I hope they have to withdraw from school (if I were a student there, though I am not gay, I would be following them around yelling imprecations and insults), I hope they will not be able to find jobs (if I were a potential employer and I googled them, I would take the time for a face-to-face interview for the singular pleasure of telling them what vile excuses for human beings they are), I hope their parents are ashamed (if I were their parents' neighbour I'd make sure they knew what I thought of them and their children.)

In short, fuck off #25.
Sure, the Deltas embraced the misfits, but don't kid yourself. Otter and Boon would recorded the session with howling, hysterical glee. not with malice, but to play it back at the next house initiation where there would a mandatory frat brother daisy chain.
Yay to Hairhead!
Yeah, because black fraternities are soooo tolerant of gay guys, unlike the white bros, right?

Is this Charles whatever his name really just a Onion-like parody of a writer? Everything he writes is just so goddam dumb that I find it hard to believe people pay him for it, or would even allow him to pay them for it.
@1 You really sound sure about that. How do you know?
Also, tying homophobia to being Caucasian is complete nonsense.
@31 because I've been around people my whole life and most of us are fucking assholes.
I too, noticed immediately the ethnicity of these two alleged perpetrators in yesterday's account on the NYT website. My understanding is they aren't being admonished by Rutgers because of hate or homophobia, if you will. They are being admonished for "invasion of privacy". They probably also thought it a practical joke gone horribly awry. That doesn't excuse them or make the tragedy any less horrific. But, I am not convinced they are the "look of hate".

Like a lot of people, I don't know enough about the disposition (whether they are bigots or not) of these two students. But, I am certain they encountered many gay men & women at Rutgers and elsewhere. It's a damned shame what happened to Tyler Clementi. However, stupidity and meanness come in ALL shapes, sizes, races and ethnicities. That they are of South & East Asian heritage isn't surprising, given the makeup of many American campuses today.
The bottom line is that these two douchebags filmed (without consent) and posted on the internet (without consent) their friend's sexual encounter.

For those acts alone they should be severely prosecuted. I don't care if they're only 18 or so - what they did was so wrong in so many ways that there's something missing in their upbringing/psyches that they need a really rude awakening to the rule that actions lead to consequences. As appropriate punishment, I propose that they never ever be allowed to work at anything other than a service-level job.

Oh, and shunned by everyone untio they can prove that they're now [bettter] human beings.
Rather shocking? Oh, right, because the capacity for abominable behavior is determined by ethnicity.


A truly honorable man would return that Genius award, stat.
@28 thanks for that, you've seen the movie clearly I think.

Poor Tyler. RIP, man.
@35- Totally!!
Didn't the dynamic duo have homework to do? Or learn not to post other peoples shit back in middle school? College?
28: As Boon and Otter said, "He can't do that to our pledges!" "Only we can do that to our pledges!" However, posting for all the world to see would fit more into the "Thank you sir, may I have another" mentality of the Omega house.

I really don't want to make too much light, though, about this horrific event. Jared Bascomb's wish @ 35 that these two are forever trapped in service-level jobs will come true with any potential employer's internet search of these two. The permanency of the internet is a good thing in this case.
I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that their objection to human behavior stems from a delusional belief that a specific book tells them anything and everything there is to know about the universe and how we're supposed to live on it. If that was any other book than a "bible", we'd lock them up in a psych ward. People who have that much disrespect for human life don't deserve to be considered one of us.
@4, 28, and 39: Thanks for doing the heavy lifting for me and saving me the trouble. Besides Boon and Otter "Are well known homosexuals."
I will not have you impugn Animal House, sir.
More of you seem far more upset by a slam on Animal House than you do about the kid killing himself. Way to focus on the trees.
@43. Because Mudude's analogy is totally out of context. He has obviously never seen Animal House. You silly dildo.

See @4 and @19.
You really do lack any compassion for people Charles to be making fun of someone's suicide. It's a real yuk-yuk situation, eh?
Hannah Arendt's commentary on the banality of evil is well exemplified.
@4 - That guy is not in the least an attractive man...
There are plenty of attractive Indian men... That aint one of 'em!! Just sayin.
Angry asians.
@6: Yes, thank you for pointing that out. I'd expect that younger generations are less bigoted, but that's more of an age than ethnicity thing.

Asian cultures -- I'm going to speak from a Chinese perspective -- are hardly known for tolerance. Oh MAN, the shit that comes out of my dad's mouth sometimes.

There's also a weird tendency for a lot of kids to socialize in their "own" circles -- Asian kids with Asian, white with white -- but that might be a cultural thing that'll pan out as later generations come along.
It's so sad. I grew up in a very diverse environment. Some of my first friends in life were Indian, Asian, Black and Hispanic. I used to do double dutch with the black girls on the playground at achool when I was a little girl. I didn't know any different, so I thought it was like that everywhere. I grew up watching the Cosby show and Oprah and was blissfully unaware of what the real world was actually like.

When I see the pictures of the perps, I see faces just like the people I grew up going to church and school with. When I saw the picture of Tyler, I saw all the people I ever was in band or orchestra with. As a fellow musician, I felt like it could have been anyone I have ever played music with. I felt like it just as well could have been someone I knew who died. His death feels so personal to me and I am still not done crying just yet.

I think that hatred comes in all forms, shapes, sizes, and colors. I think that it doesn't really matter what race those kids were. What matters is their actions and how they chose to conduct themselves. They did something awful to Tyler and making racist comments doesn't add anything useful to the discussion of what happened.
Good stuff.
You are such a dumb shit, Charles. At first I figured you would post a picture of yourself, seeing as how you're a commie and pinkos are the filth of the earth and should be eradicated. You're surprised that brown people and yellow people can be mean or homophobic? Ever heard of the caste system, the dots are the most prejudiced people on earth. Well, except for East Asians. Charles, you think your average Korean shop owner likes black folk?

"There's also a weird tendency for a lot of kids to socialize in their "own" circles"

What? Weird? To hang with your own kind? That's natural, dummy! Anything that isn't seen by leftists as being PC is unnatural, when in fact, political correctness isn't natural.