Blackwater Wins Piece of $10 Billion Contract


Blackwater +- Christianity

My wife was watching a Gregory Peck movie the other day about 'Bathsheeba and David'. When I saw it was on the TBN network I looked up the website, oh shit, I thought. More crap corporate Christianity.…

Then I realized it generated money for the Israeli tourism industry. A win lose win win lose lose bullshit of propaganda! Dollars for the Holy Land!
Never mind the dead civilians. Forget about the stolen guns. Get over the murder arrests, the fraud allegations, Kurt Reighley is a real deal. I don't follow all his tangents, but in his own way, authenticity happens.
They're Xe Services, LLC now Dominic, c'mon! Accept the rebranding. These aren't the murderers you're looking for...
The other contractors are no better. They are all hired to circumvent the rules of engagement and to take the blame in the case of politically damning incidents.
You know why these companies exist? Here's why.

I'm an E-5 in the United States Army, 2nd Infantry Division. About 3 years in service. Single, living on base. I make about 24,000 a year.

Do you know what I could make, if I were to get hired by Blackwater or another PMC? 70k, starting. And you know what I'd probably be doing? Sitting in a gatehouse checking ID cards in Kuwait or somewhere. Much safer then what I do and have done in the public sector.

Don't complain about the contractors. Complain about the system that allows them to thrive.
Budget crisis?

What budget crisis ...