It Gets Better: This One Goes Out to All the Teenage Musical Theater Queens


Damn you, Dan. You keep making me cry at work.
Dan, this project is really one of the best things anyone could've done. You're an awesome dude.
This reminds me of being out in college and being at a birthday celebration with my friend and her high school brother (who seemed happy enough). He was a theater musical queen. Knew he was gay, but he wasn't out. Asked him flat out, and he denied it. In college he came out and went hog wild flaming. He knew how to play the game, I think.
Yeah, as a mother and active promoter of the gay agenda, I love this project SO MUCH. It's the totally non-judgmental psychic hug that so many of these kids need.

Well now I feel like a fatty fatty fat fat but it is toooootally worth it!
That made me smile, a lot.
Years from now kids are going to talk about how they watched these videos and it gave them the courage to carry on. Great job, Dan!
I loved it.
I know that men in their fifties shouldn't ogle the young guys. It's undignified, presumptuous, and almost always unwelcomed. But woof!
Send out Ellen's YouTube to everyone in your e-mail address book, because not everyone is on Facebook or reads Slog. Include the Facebook photos of the Rutgers roommates from hell to put a face on this stupid human trick gone horribly wrong. Good going, self-absorbed cyberspaceniks. You literally kill.
This is the first campaign I've seen trough all the world about gay bullying in teenager times (youtube,vimeo, facebook..etc in which many openly gay people supporting gay teenagers, I must say, that it is a very emotional and humanitarian action but the reality in some countries and cultures are cruel with "differences" and sometimes grew up people need some support too, manly because the "gay culture" in many ways is very "closed" and difficult to access, the same time it is "open" and demands a lot of "courage" to get in, saying as my own experience and as a shy guy, some things are very difficult to understand, the superficiality, the sexual environment, the aggressive environment, the irony, I don't know why but the gay environment rises up all the "problems".
I'm live in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro/capital, one of the biggest "gay destiny" and It's very clear that Rio really has huge amount of gays, but at the same time "these gays" have the strange habit to get together in places that I can call "gay guetos"...And I just can't...understand it! Why do we need to "be all together" in certain places? Why gays treat each other as "aliens"? Why do I need to "do a blowjob" to be "cool"(of course that I don't do^^)?
Actually I'm better treated in "Straight" places, When I was teen I never "knew" someone but me who were gay and I was really bad treated by many straight and "hidden" gays, and nowadays I'm not well treated by straights but better than with gays!O_O.

Probably I'm "looking" in wrong places, or trying to reach a very different type of gay. But I don't know, why do people need to be "labeled" (those terrible gay nicknames) at first place?
Well...sorry for my really nasty English and big message...

ps:almost forgot, congratulations for the video!^^
Great contribution, but i have to say I'm a little disappointed they didn't burst into a rousing refrain of Popular. :-(

POPULAR! you're gonna be popular!
i'll teach you the proper ploys,
when you talk to boys,
little ways to flirt and flounce, ooh!
i'll show you what shoes to wear!
how to fix your hair!
everthing that really counts to be...
@9 What about women in their 40s ogling? Is that wrong, too? (woof...)
Pretty!!! (And I love the story about the mother having an actual heart attack when he came out, it looks like there are two drama queens in that family.)