"There's No One in This Platoon That Agrees This Is Wrong."


These kids fucked up. No doubt. Most of us at Lewis are talking about it, and I don't think anyone I know would object to the punishment they'll get, which I'm sure will be harsh.

But this is nothing compared to what Soldiers and Marines did in WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. Both sides, in fact, did far worse then shoot a handful of civilians.

Not to disparage what these GI's did. If I was their CO, I'd lock them up, no doubt.

But here's another way to look at it. If you're trained to kill, trained to do it well, told that it's right, that it's necessary, that it's your job - is it any wonder that some would take it too far? You treat a man like an animal, eventually he becomes an animal.
This situation is not an aberration in wartime, but the rule, throughout human history. This is what you sign up for to be a soldier.
Fully agree with @1.

I'm also a veteran (though considerably older). If you take 18 year olds and teach them to kill in the name of our country, is it any wonder that they, you know, kill?

Not acceptable at all, of course. But also no surprise at all, sadly.
Yup. I'm with 1-3 (as a former officer). I knew good officers who lost control of their units- especially Lieutentants, operating a long way from a chain of command, stressed out and scared, and bad things happen. To the soldiers, to the officers, to anyone involved. Sure, it's wrong, it's terrible. It's what happens.
only americans can destroy america.
Obama said this war is necessary.
So it must be ok.....