Right Wing Radio Duck


That is great! I love this comment from the Roger Ebert blog you link to, from Jennifer Pozner, founder of Women In Media & News:
Jonathan McIntosh's work is a classic example of material that is protected under Fair Use, as his work is focused on both educational commentary and parody. I wouldn't be surprised if Fox, Premiere Radio Networks or even CNN tried to force the removal claiming copyright over Glenn Beck's audio, but they wouldn't have the law on their side.
This remix is a master class in deconstructing media to rebuild in ways that shed new light on the original material. He's one of the best political remix artists practicing the craft. Roger, you probably saw his hilarious and pointed remix "Buffy v. Edward," in which the star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer calls Twilight's hero a creepy stalker and dusts him. If you haven't, I think you'd really enjoy the way he plays with narrative in that remix (you can see that video and read McIntosh's WIMN's Voices essay here: http://bit.ly/FgVkK )
Simply beautiful.
Scary shit, listening to that delusional Beck. Paranoid much? Must be all that drug and alcohol use in his earlier life - before he found Joseph Smith.
Would have been more tragic (maybe more realistic?) if Donald had failed to realize the radio had never been on his side at all.
I just spent this evening reading some of the comments on Michele Malkin.

If you think the rage is "manufactured", then, yes, you really are out of touch with America.
Dear SRotU, it IS manufactured. From the same plant that brought you 1933 Germany.
Simply brilliant, Anthony. Thanks for sharing. Hope it stays up and makes the rounds.

Though I'm positive the Beck-heads won't see the real message behind it.
Everyone should download and repost this on their own youtubes. Flood the place.
That was fucking hilarious. Fantastic editing.
Completely amazing.
This is probably one of the most ingenious pieces of political commentary I've ever seen.
@5: the rage is real - and it's being exploited and misdirected.
a kid who's afraid of the dark experiences true fear when he hears thumping under his bed. but the source of the fear is manufactured by his sister tapping on the diningroom ceiling with a broom handle, just to freak out her brother. yes, their rage is real, but the point is that it is exploited and exacerbated and in some cases completely manufactured by the becks and limbaughs of the world.
Brilliant political satire.

And yes, Pozner is right. Beck and Disney will probably both be fuming over this, but it is legitimate parody and legally fair use.
Holy crap. Glenn Beck listeners must spend their days scared shitless. Which is unfortunate, since they're already stupid and probably have guns. I never fear the mob as much as I fear the puppet master fueling their anger.
Donald has always been a right winger.
@5 that's a fine website you've got. some real worthwhile shit.
See also, How to read Donald Duck: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_to_Read…
The deal is, beck works for the ones he supposedly bashes. Classic controlled opposition, a rodeo clown, get the runaway bull back into the pen.
Beck has his checks signed by the same people he supposedly attacks. What a farce.