Ready Your Gut: 12 Distilleries Soon Operating in Seattle


Bad selections? Mediocre to shitty all the way through?


You want mediocre to shitty all the way through? Go check out a liquor store in Idaho. You want intense and downright frightening? Go check out a liquor store in California.

Clean, safe, well-lighted with a great selection of booze? Welcome to Washington State.

Congratulations to Jarvis and his homies at Stil173 for opening a Booze-Pub, er, Craft Distillery. Leave the Washington State Liquor Store bashing out of it, please.
@ 1, no, Washington liquor stores have slightly better than mediocre to shitty selection all the way through. That's why you can't get a decent craft bourbon, tequila, or gin there. (No, Maker's Mark, Jose Cuervo, and Beefeater don't count.)
@1, I'm more than half with you on this. People think getting rid of Washington State's liquor stores is going to transform our booze culture the way that that legal changes in brewing transformed our beer culture, but it's just not going to happen. The weirdest idea is that somehow the atmosphere of the state liquor stores is going to give way to pleasantly-lit booze boutiques, rather than the sketchy-looking, unfriendly, robbery-prone private stores you find in every California city.

I'll be voting to disband the state liquor stores, but I'm casting my vote in spite of how the change is going to affect out liquor buying experience, not because of it.
I find it difficult to whine about the WS Liquor Store selection after going in on Friday and finding quarter cask Laphroaig marked down to $50.
Lucky you, Josh! I'd have snapped that up.
it's on sale all month along with some other pretty good bottles, too!
The only problem with the state run liquor stores is one of availability/accessibility of new and different products. The rest is propaganda from either side of the issue. It's a money matter. Although it may be appealing for the state to accept money into their coffers from giant private entities, it's a one time deal and no amount of money will make up for the loss of control and future revenue. Distilled spirits are like cash, and now the state is giving individuals the ability to print their own. Look at the bright side and forget about selling out to Costo.