The Secret of Whether the Tree Will Break the Glass


wait. . . then isn't the slog post and following comments about the Vivarium ALSO part of the art?

aaaahhh! when does the art end here?!

ugh. I feel dizzy.
Change happens.

Besides, the glass will break during the next big earthquake before 2020.
I talked to a curator about this issue two months back. The man opening the space to the public told me that when he asked the artist about this the artist told him that he didn't care/ had not thought about it and it was up to the owners of the space to figure that out.
I think this is right. It is anticlimactic, but this is how life is.
I'm confused. A nurse log is by definition dead, and not growing at all. Quite the opposite; nurse logs decompose into the earth. Other plants feast off the nutrients that are released by this process, but it's they who will break the glass, not the nurse log.
I have been to the Olympic Sculpture Park at least 10 times since it opened and except for a private tour, won by a friend at a fundraining auction, have not been able to enter the Vivarium. It always appears to be closed for one reason or another. Is that part of the art, or poor design that didn't take people actually entering into consideration?
You're not confused, Fnarf. You're just being picayunish.

@thatsnotright: Agreed, agreed, agreed. That's NOT part of the art. It's just that SAM can't always get volunteers to staff the place, and it has to have a volunteer in it at all times (which IS part of the art). I've been disappointed, too.
I like being picayunish.
Oh, I know. And I like that it gives me the opportunity to use the word "picayunish."
I really think just plain "picayune" would have sufficed. I'd hate to think that I was only HALFHEARTEDLY trivial.
I hate English majors.
@10, well, everybody hates you, so I think the English majors are coming out ahead.
LOL FNARF AND WILL ARE FIGHTING. kids go hide till mommy and mommy work it out.
[derail] I never understood boys insulting other boys by calling them girls.

I mean. . . the straight boys actually like girls. . . don't they?

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who said men were simple creatures?

any hoo. [/derail]
I've been trying to see this log for years. It's always closed when I go. Disappointing every single time. Interesting how that has become the piece, for me: Inaccessible, famous log in greenhouse. I guess if it breaks through its enclosure I'll at least have gotten to see it.
Well, I'm glad I stumbled onto this...I had no idea any "log" was anywhere as a work of art...never heard about it! I live in California, but feel more like I live under a rock. Crazy.