"No More Dithering, No More Time for Divisiveness"—City Council Moves Forward on Tunnel


Did they read it first?

Or were they in a hurry to stick the knife in our backs before their brains told them it might not be such a keen idea?

By the way, how's that giant sucking sound of tax dollars at the city, county, and port level feeling yet? You know, the ones that are resulting in fewer cops, fewer sidewalks, fewer libraries, fewer hours for MOHAI and the Aquarium, fewer transit hours ... all for a vanity project we don't need and never voted for?

Are you feeling happy being taken to the cleaners yet?
Anyone else feel like Sally Bagshaw has been one big disappointment? I know there are 7 others who voted with her, but it just seems like she's on the opposite side of just about every item that comes to the council that I have an interest in.
O'Brien is the only one who actually understands why Wilson shot Gatsby. The rest of them are just in this to get laid.
When does this tunneling supposed to start as of now? I'm only asking (and will be googling in a few moments) because if it does go over budget/time and doesn't get finished by 2018 then I'm thinking that Seattle won't be a host city for the 2018 Fifa World Cup if the U.S. gets to host it.
Technically, the tunneling doesn't impact any of the stadia - all the ones designated are along the light rail tunnel which is a different (and much sounder design) tunnel, @4.

It will go over budget. You can be sure of that.
Kudos to Sally Bagshaw who's quickly showing herself to be one of our top council members. She's run circles around "Mayor" McGinn in her first year, showing her ability to do something he can't do: get a majority vote from the City Council.
Gawd, this is going to be such a boondoogle. A city/county that can't get a road paved is going to dig a first-of-its-kind tunnel through a fault line?! I guess we didn't learn enough from the Ballard-West Seattle monorail fiasco. Hopefully, we'll get off just as cheap with this turd.
@6: Well lately, I'm not so sure. There's the part about saying the underlying policy is immaterial to approval of said policy and that neither she nor her staff should worry about reading a major policy document.

Then there's that Space Shuttle thing.
Genevieve @ 2

I had been planning to vote for Bagshaw but then I heard her say "No more bickering!" which meant to me "Everyone must agree (with me!)"

The Seattle Clowncil has proven that 8 heads are dumber than one. They've joined errorist Conlin in the political equivalent of hijacking a passenger plane and flying it into the viaduct.
Only Conlin could pull off a coup-d'etat and manage to flub it at the same time.
Did we not vote NO and NO on this already? http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/lo…
I wonder if McGinn has made a mistake in so alienating the city council on this issue. Now they're like Republicans in Congress, doing anything they can to thwart him regardless of the issues.

I bet if he was for the tunnel, the vote would be more divided. But instead, the siege mentality has set in. They have an enemy to fight.
@13, calling the council majority liars and paid-for suggests the mayor may have reached the limit of his diplomatic abilities.

The main thing is, though: smiling or not, the council keeps outvoting him. A mayor needs to shepherd his agenda using the council after all - does he have a plan B for working with them to get stuff done, or is he all too comfortable in the antagonist's rut?
#14: No, we just need some goddamn progressives to run for city council. When one does (like Mike O'Brien), they get enormous popular support and win in a landslide, even when the conservative big money establishment opposes them.

We need progressives to RUN in 2011.
Mike OBrien can thank Mike McGinn for altering the "intent" of the project, when McGinn was grandstanding on the Seawall as a separate project from the entire project he got his way.

See page 4 footnote.
"He says it is now primarily about automobile capacity, a mission that is "inconsistent with the values of the city.""

Mike, WTF? The surest way to turn the public against bikes and public transit is by senselessly bashing cars. Fuel efficient hybrids are currently the greener than light rail. They will certainly play a major role in the future of green transportation.

Repeat after me, Mike, "Share the road".