First Murray-Rossi Debate Set for Oct. 14


Has Red China sent over the crib notes for Comrade Rossi to use yet, or will he be using an earpiece to repeat words from his Party minder(s)?
Uhhhhh .. .why the hell would they have a debate AFTER the first ballots are sent in?
@2 because they still think we don't vote within days of receiving the ballots.

Military people already got theirs. Guess they don't care about them.
Rossi would prefer the debate be after he wins. Murray just wants a voter bailout.
Go Ahead and vote for Patty Murray, and if she wins we get the same things we have been getting out of DC. She votes yes on all the things Obama wants and that is not good for America. Vote NO on Patty Murray. We need to put the brakes on Obamas spending.