Reading Tonight: A Plan to Save Our Economy, a Steampunk Event


Paul, SPL has another 2010 book by Cherie Priest called Clementine that also appears to be part of that world. You know anything about it?

And do either of these books also have zombies? Because I will admit that was a big part of the attraction with Boneshaker.
@ Levislade: Thanks for the Clementine tip! I'll have toget that as well as Dreadnought. Cherie is awesome AND local. Looking forward to Dreadnought from this badical hugo nominee.
Anyway using the term "steampunk" needs to stop.
@3 some of the best Steampunk writers are from Seattle.

We'll stop when we've sucked the marrow from the bones, and not a moment before.

By the way, Steamcon is coming pretty soon.
@3, Steampunk does need to be stopped. It's just embarrassing. Maybe the novel's good, but I'll never read it. Anything that rides ridiculous fads like 'steampunk' to success should just be delivered directly to the waste bin.

The aesthetic itself was just fine until it got turned into some juggalo-style movement and given such a stupid name. But I'm sure Steamcon will make tons of money off these idiots.

Wiki wild, wiki wiki wild wild west.
@5 so you want more vampire books, then?
@1: It's a limited edition book set in the same world. But I haven't read it; I think it's more of a for-the-fans situation than a necessary read.

@2: No zombies yet. I'll keep you posted.
The zombies was one of the things that put me OFF Boneshaker. It was just too silly to take seriously, and I couldn't suspend my disbelief. If Dreadnought has no zombies, that will be a plus in my opinion. I might actually read it.
Paul: I haven't finished Boneshaker yet. Would you recommend I finish that first or should I read through Dreadnought?
omgz, I'm in the same signing line as paul c.!