Seattle Education Access and Teen Feed!
Teen Feed. They provide meals and case management to kids on the streets in the U-District. It's a great org working to help those often forgotten kids.
Center for Human Services. Provides chemical dependency, parenting, and mental health services on the North End. Also runs LGBT groups for teens which in light of bullying suicides in the news recently is great. Programs aimed at all types of families and in different languages.
Childhaven - right there on first hill - helping abused and neglected children under 5 through therapy, does it get any better than that? They are good people over there too.
Have you fixed the poll so Chihulhy can't fake us out again?
Childhaven is a good choice, though.
This Seattle area girl with cystic fibrosis needs new lungs to live. It's not a huge, widespread issue like child hunger or preventing suicide. But where $50k may not make much of a dent in other issues, this much money could buy her new lungs (she's fully insured, but out of pocket costs are predicted to be between $50k and $100k - thanks, American insurance system).
Downtown Emergency Services Center. Serving the (more) at-risk homeless population--elderly, mentally ill, etc.
Here's another vote for Childhaven.

Also, 1811 Eastlake is another organization that I'm sure could use some support. All charities struggle when the economy is struggling, but these kinds of controversial programs are the first ones people look at when cutting expenses.
Washington Women In Need (WWIN)! It is an outstanding organization founded in 1992 by Julia Pritt. They provide grants for education, counseling and health care to needy women in Washington State. They are 100% privately funded, and all overhead expenses are covered by the founder. (Sadly, Julia passed away this spring so the expenses are actually covered by her estate now). This means that every cent that is donated goes directly into the grants.

Another reason why it is special is that the clients all get to choose their care providers and/or their course of education, which makes the entire process more dignified and empowering.

It is a brilliant organization that is efficiently run by truly caring, generous people. Check it out!
Teen Feed, Teen Feed, Teen Feeeeeeed.

"Teen Feed is the only provider of meals specifically to youth and young adults in the University District open regularly every night of the week."
826 Seattle. They promote literacy in kids under 19 years old. They support everything from basic english lessons (ABC's sorta thing) up through advanced creative and journalistic writing through constant workshops, drop in hours, special projects and even free tutoring.
Childhaven, absolutely.
Teen Feed! Dinner and much needed support fo homeless youth and young adults every single night of the week.

Every single night, people.
Was I really first? I've never won anything before!

Ok, here's my plug for SEA. They provide educational advocacy and support for marginalized youth and young adults. They help young adults who might have been homeless for years get college degrees. I see them as the other end of the continuum that Teen Feed is on. Teen Feed gives these hungry, vulnerable youth a hot meal and access to services that they need to get off the street. SEA helps them get the education they need to break the cycle of poverty forever. I love them both and think they should both win.
While dream allies is still pretty new, they might deserve a look as well. They try to help mentor and tutor students.
Crisis Clinic and their 2-1-1 information line that connects people with all the other human service programs to help them through hard times. If you need help, call 2-1-1.
ElderFriends- A non-profit run by ElderHealth NW to provide companionship and advocacy for isolated elderly Seattleites.
Teen Feed!
Youth Suicide Prevention Program -

Youth suicide's been a problem in Washington State for a long time and is now surpassing auto accidents as the leading cause of death for teens. With the recent spate of tragic deaths among LGBTQ youth, it's time to support this local organization (Seattle-based, but serves the entire state) in getting prevention programming into schools and communities. Parents, teachers, administrators, etc. do NOT want to talk about suicide any more than they want to talk about kids being gay, but they need to -- and perhaps now that the brilliant It Gets Better project is stirring a national conversation about youth suicide, YSPP will be able to garner more community support (and willingness to open institutional doors) behind its work.

Please, please support this work. As a survivor, I know prevention works. It just has to come in time.
I also like Crisis Clinic. They also have a teen line - Teen Link - if teens need to talk to someone about being bullied or depression.
ROOTS Young Adult Shelter in the U District.

Roots works closely with the other youth programs in Seattle to make sure that about 30 kids are off the streets and have full bellies each night of the week. They work with Teen Feed and other programs. They require that their guests be working toward the steps to getting back on their own feet... getting gov't ID, getting a job, getting into an educational program, working toward getting an apartment. The kids at ROOTS are all working to learn the skills they need to get off the streets and be self-sufficient. While they work on those things, ROOTS gives them a safe place to sleep, warm meals, and assistance getting to the other programs and services that will help them get off the streets.

Right now, though, ROOTS has a maxed out space. They have to lottery many nights of the week and send kids back out onto the street with a plate full of dinner and the invitation to come back the next night.

$50k would go a long way toward helping the young adult population of Seattle. These kids are too old for the services offered to minors, but their needs aren't the same as older homeless adults.
Teen Feed for sure! They help homeless youth in so many ways!
Youth Suicide Prevention Program-the education they provide can truly save a life. They also have a great program that focuses on LGBTQ youth called OUTLoud, which has been around for over 3 years.
Another vote for the Downtown Emergency Services Center.
BikeWorks !

Not only does this non-profit help turn the youth of today into positive bike-pedaling, non-poluting, rad adults of tomorrow, it's run by some of the most dedicated, overextended, underpayed, and wonderfully fun staff. Adults too benefit from bike repair classes, plus I'm thinking it's the only bike repair shop south of the city. Check 'em out.
The League of Education Voters! They are the only group in the state of Washington truly trying to address the issues raised in Waiting for Superman. Folks - we have BIG BIG BIG problems with our public schools in Seattle. We need change and League of Education Voters is leading the way.
+1 for League of Education Voters. Did you know the dropout rate for Washington state is over 20%? LEV is working to bring big, bold changes to our education system because the status quo isn't working...and kids - especially our kids of color - are losing out.
I agree with veo_: 826 Seattle is a great organization for kids. I've been volunteering there for four years, and seeing the progress some of the regular tutoring kids have made over the years has been amazing.
Women's Funding Alliance.
Another vote for the League of Education Voters because every child deserves a great education!
A little more about WWIN - they provide funding for medical care that is not easy to come by via other resources. Dental work, (including dentures, but not orthodontia), hearing screening and hearing aids, vision screening and glasses. These are life-changing gifts which help women on their paths to career success as well as self-image, which of course is critical to success in all areas of life.

The resources WWIN provides and the level of care with which they are provided are truly unique and worthy of our support. Helping these women take care of themselves helps secure their ability to care for their families, which will have a lasting impact on the community as a whole.
YSPP-Youth Suicide Prevention Program has done great things in not only King County but also around the state. The OUTLoud Project is especially important right now with a focus on stopping bullying of LGBT youth. Check out: for more info on this outstanding and hard-working organization.
Community Voice Mail (, which provides a reliable phone number and voice mail to very low-income and homeless people who can't afford them. You can't get a job without a phone number, even in the Internet age. The national office is located here in Seattle, and it has helped start 43 programs like it all over the country (and in Vancouver, BC). 43k/year get helped. The Seattle CVM program is hosted by Solid Ground.
Volunteering at 826 is the highlight of my week and I'd love to see them get more support. Pearl Jam was great for this year, but next year they can't count on that cash.

If not 826, than Youth Suicide Prevention Program.

A die-hard grassroots pro-boob celebration. Raising money year-round, and especially at the main event in October. 100% of funds raised are donated to breast cancer research and education. Plus the title has BOOBS in it. I mean, duh!
The Seattle Public Library.

Seriously...they really really need it.
Volunteer Chore Services - Volunteer Chore Services (VCS) is committed to helping elders and adults with disabilities remain independent in their own homes through a network of caring community members. VCS collaborates with faith-based congregations, civic groups, schools and community businesses to provide services. The services are provided at no charge and serve as a safety net for those individuals who cannot afford to pay for assistance and do not qualify for paid chore assistance. Some of the services volunteers can provide include: light housekeeping, laundry, shopping assistance, transportation, cooking, minor home repair, respite, and yard work.
Queer Youth Space! Time to mend some fences there...
People's Place and Lambert House and Safe Schools Coalition!
YouthCare (, which operates the Orion Center for homeless youth at the corner of Denny and Stewart.
People's Harm Reduction Alliance...Seattle's independent syringe access program. Desperately trying to survive.

I'm a big fan of Three Dollar Bill Cinema, the producers of the Seattle lgbt Fil Fest and the Trans Film Fest. Obviously all nonprofits can use a hand this year but I wanted to make sure to put in a vote for an arts organization. Social services are vital. It's important to remember that the work that arts organizations do is, as well. The effect on lgbt community members (think youth) of seeing the truth of their lives represented on screen and in popular media cannot be overestimated. This if Three Dollar Bills 15th year - they started by showing one movie in a parking lot. I think they're great...
Another vote for the ROOTS Shelter and Teen Feed.
Broadview Emergency Shelter, a domestic violence shelter run by Solid Ground.
Lots of good suggestions here. I'm partial to Youth Suicide Prevention Program ( and the League of Education Voters.
Teen Feed, for sho!
In the last five years, The United Way of King County has directed more and more of its allocations each year to agencies that serve the basic needs of poorest and most vulnerable of our community, children and the homeless. You can read about this here:

This means, of course, that non-profits with missions outside these categories have received smaller and smaller shares of UWOKC assistance each year since 2005. (Full disclosure, this has included my employer although with our trusted name recognition we just increased our own fundraising efforts and stayed afloat. Smaller, newer non-profits have had it much harder.)

I found this list of Seattle-area non-profits, helpfully divided into categories.…

Any group you see there that directly deals with basic needs, children or the homeless is already a top priority for United Way’s financial support. This may or may not influence your nominations but as I have never seen it mentioned during the nominations phase of Strangercrombie I thought I’d post about it.

After all that, my nomination…

I nominate that we keep folks’ electricity on during this cold, cold winter. In my job I get asked for this assistance many, many times every day, year round, and have to refer them elsewhere because that’s not a service we provide. But these agencies do: Project SHARE, HELP, The Warm Home Fund (administered by The Salvation Army), Hopelink.
Reading this thread makes me love you, Seattle. We have so many awesome social service agencies and so many advocates. Even as bad as times are we still lead the fight to help our lost brothers and sisters.
Seattle Counseling Services - - serving the LGBT community since 1969 - what a great tie-in potential with the "it gets better" project???
I vote for Teen Feed. They provide a safe place for young adults to have a meal 7 nights a week besides case management and street support.
FEEST - I volunteered with them to help them build their chicken coop. They teach kids from lower income families about growing food and cooking food, and they do outreach in their communities to get convenience stores to carry healthier foods in areas where there are no grocery stores. It is run by a great lady, Christina Orbe, and I would love to see them get some funding to expand the program.


their words:
FEEST is the Food Education Empowerment and Sustainability Team. We are a youth-run program out of Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, and we gather every Wednesday at 3:30 PM to kick it in the kitchen, prepare a delicious and healthy meal, and then eat all together family-style while learning more about food in our communities. At the end of every month, we throw Community Potlucks where people of all ages are invited to share and dialogue with us. Our blog entries are written by FEEST leaders and feature photography by the wonderful youth and staff.
I vote for Youth Care which provides services for homeless youth in Seattle. Childhaven also, some of my friends recieved services through them and it is a great program. I myself recieved services from Youthcares "Orion Center" in downtown. I don't think I would even have my GED if it wasn't for programs like these that kept me off the streets.
Teen Feed, which feeds homeless youth and young adults in the University district seven nights a week.
I vote for

BABES Network-YWCA is a peer support program for women living with HIV; a sisterhood of women facing HIV together. BABES was started by a group of HIV positive women in Seattle, Washington who came together to share information, experiences and support.

BABES is a program of the YWCA of Seattle-King County- Snohomish County that provides:

Peer Counseling
Support Groups
Advocacy & Self-Advocacy Training
Educational Forums
Monthly Bi-lingual Newsletter
Outreach & Prevention Education
Mental Health therapy

BABES HIV/AIDS Outreach & Prevention Education (HOPE) Project trains and coordinates people living with HIV to share their stories through media campaigns, speaking engagements and community forums in order to educate the public, combat stigma and stop the spread of HIV.
Another vote for TeenFeed ( Exceptional support network for at risk homeless youth. Seriously - EXCEPTIONAL. ROOTS would be my number 2 and Childhaven #3.
Teen Feed and Seattle Education Access both! Meals for hungry minds today, and the support to get those young people to college! Brilliant!
Teen Feed does amazing work -- nourishing young adults in many ways (including dinner every night of the week)!
Teen Feed!
Teen Feed
Teen Feed
Teen Feed in the U District! Thanks for your support :)
I vote for BABES Network - YWCA! BABES is the only organization in Seattle serving women living with HIV and their families. BABES provides direct peer support, but also teaches advocacy and engages women and men who are positive in the fight to reduce stigma and to continue government support for HIV/AIDS support organizations!…
Teen Feed. It's a great organization trying to help and feed the homeless youth of the U-district.
Teen Feed. Tells youth who have been let down in so many ways that we care, good food, clean sox, bus pass,a d support to make the most of their lives.
Teen Feed, a program that serves dinner (7 nights per week!) to homeless and street involved youth and young adults 13-25 yrs. old deserves to win. The staff members are second to none in their dedication and commitment to growing this organization. In the past year they have expanded from five nights per week to six and then seven, as well as revamped the Teen Feed Web site. They now employ five full-time staff members and one paid intern (up from three full-time and one part-time staff members two years ago). Most importantly, they have helped countless dozens of young folks "meet their future off the streets". Vote for Teen Feed!!!
Teen Feed - an organization that has fantastic volunteers and staff who work to build strong relationships with homeless youth. Providing a safe space for homeless youth and young adults to receive a nourishing meal 7 days a week.

BABES Network-YWCA!!!
Teen Feed!!
Teen Feed in the U-District!
Teen Feed! It's a wonderful program that does amazing work in the lives of homeless youth. They provide warm meals and supportive relationships and connect youth with resources to help them find a future away from the streets.
Teen Feed is definitely the best for helping homeless youth. I have volunteered with this organization for over 15 years and continue to be impressed with the dedicated staff as well as the appreciation the young people show for the meals we fix for them.
I changed my mind. Can you add Bellevue Art Museum?
I recommend the Youth Suicide Prevention Program ( They provide important suicide prevention workshops to students, parents and community members. Their OUTloud Program which focuses on LGBT youth is much needed. Education is the key to prevention.
Teen Feed rocks! Hard!
Teen Feed rocks! Hard!
Teen Feed for serious!!
My favorite local charity: TeenFeed. Best way to help out Teens on the Streets. Thanks. John
826 Seattle which helps kids with basic skills in a fab way BEFORE they become homeless or disenchanted or need food. It's not a bandaid. It's setting an at-risk kid up for success!
Teen Feed!
Teen Feed!
Teen Feed!
YWCA Babes Network - Downtown Seattle 5th and Seneca. A sisterhood of support and empowerment for women living with HIV.
YWCA Babes Network - Located in Downtown 5th and Seneca - they provide support and empowerment to a sisterhood of women living with HIV.
There are so many worthy non-profits in this town! That said, I work at 826 Seattle and feel really strongly that we are very effective at helping to prevent the problems that other charities address later down the road. Our students get help, not just with homework or writing skills, but life skills. By coming each day or each week they learn that hard work pays off and that people will take time to help lift them up when they need it-- this is life changing for some of our kids and their families. As a mother, a donor and a community member I thank those who have suggested 826 Seattle and want to register my "vote" for us too!
I love Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. They provide legal aid to immigrants who can get legal status but can't get a lawyer. I believe their phone rings off the hook all day long.

NWIRP, helping to make us the anti-Arizona.
BABES Network-YWCA.............Go BABES!
BABES Network-YWCA lost $78,000 in ryan white money for 2011 and it's going to be a rough year for the peer support and education program for women living with HIV/AIDS. Being a beneficiary of Strangerchrombie would help BABES continue services to women and families living with HIV/AIDS!
BABES Network-YWCA is awesome! They are a peer-based program, a sisterhood of women facing HIV together. BABES reduces isolation, promotes self-empowerment, enhances quality of life and serves the needs of women facing HIV and their families through peer support, advocacy, education and outreach. With their loss of Ryan White Part A money, they will have a lot less money in 2011. This would be a great way to support all the great work they do!
BABES Network-YWCA provides crucial support to women living with HIV/AIDS and their families. Funding is extremely tight! Being a beneficiary would help us continue to support the women and families that we serve.
You can give a person a fish and you've fed them for one day, etc...
826 Seattle teaches kids literacy -- at no charge! Few skills are as valuable in the world today as the ability to read and write.
I highly recommend the Youth Suicide Prevention Program ( They provide invaluable suicide prevention education to students, parents, school staff, and community members. Their OUTloud Program focuses on the LGBT youth community by teaching risks and protective factors and is very much needed. Education is the KEY to prevention.

Each Week in Washington State, an average of two young people die by suicide and another 17 suicide attempts result in hospitalization.

While these facts are disturbing, there is hope. By educating ourselves and others, we can makea difference in preventing youth suicide.

The YSPP mission is to reduce youth suicide attempts and deaths in Washington State. Working toward that goal, we build public awareness, offer training, and support communities taking action.

Another vote for Teen Feed, with the additional thought that it's not merely a "giving a person a fish" issue. Teen Feed initially reaches young people by offering a minimum-barrier, keep-them-alive kind of basic needs service in the form of a meal. It's their awesome team of staff and volunteers who are then able to hook guests into additional services, from immediate care like emergency shelter, to outreach case management towards goals of housing, school, and employment. Virtually all of the young people who have moved on from the Ave, did so with the initial support of Teen Feed.
OUTLoud, for YSPP (youth suicide prevention) needs help immediately. They are the only organization in the State and only one of a few in the nation that deals with suicide of GLBT youth. Please make your dollars count.
Chris Hasty
BABES all the way!

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