[Insert Hand/Twilight Pun Here]


That is just ...

Does someone not understand how a job works?
@2: I read that as "how a hand job works".
Another rag that deserves to go under.

Are you saying that rag is in the red?
This story reminds me of the cover girl of Great White’s “Once Bitten” LP in the mid-80s. She was local to where I was working at a record shop up in Lynnwood at that time and she’d come in sometimes and hang around the bin where “her” record cover was displayed, arranging her features into an approximation of the album art.

If we weren’t busy, one of us would go over and talk to her about it so that she’d stand an even better chance of being recognized. It made her happy; she was young.
You understand that the New York Post endorsed Obama and endorses Cuomo.

You know that right...I mean, you just don't post stuff without backing it up with knowledge.

that's your job, right SROTU?
Wow, that whole story was even more depressing than I expected. What a sad, pathetic person.
@3 - Based on that cover, also an appropriate question. I mean, cradling the apple with one hand is cool, but...
did she also pose for the "Twilight is a Piece of Shit" poster i saw in Port Angeles? where the ghostly white hands are cupping a giant dog turd?

Silence...or I'll wither your gyro mouse.
Lady, it sucks that you as a hand model are not as recognizable on the street as, say, Kate Moss. But it does not compare to the late great Robert White, the guitarist who played on most of the Motown hits. He once, in his later years, went into a diner, where they were playing the song with his most recognizable lick, "My Girl". He started to tell the waitress, "hey, that's me" but then thought, "oh, that'd just make me look like an old fool," and kept it to himself. And he died before the book and movie Standing In the Shadows of Motown told that story, and brought the Funk Brothers some long-overdue recognition.

That story is sad. Yours is just kind of pitiful.
How low is her self esteem that she feel the need to go to bookstore carrying an apple?
@13 FTW!
For my money, Slate has the best puns and turns of phrase, particularly in their headlines. Check this one out: http://www.slate.com/id/2269951/