Today in Novelty Throw Rugs


I have yet to understand why you think its funny to try to piss off sci-fi nerds.
I concur with the first poster. Also, why must one choose Star wars or Star Trek? It's not an either/or scenario. You could like both, or neither. Or some other series entirely. Or all of them.
obvious troll is obvious.
It isn't made of tribbles. It is a rug made from the Abominable Snowman from "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer."

I guess "Bumbles" don't bounce after all.
@1 and 2

It's because Trek versus Wars is the classic nerd on nerd fight. Both groups can get absurdly passionate about their chosen universe, and equally annoyed and pissed off when someone mixes their superior universe up with that other, vastly inferior, universe.

What else is there? Mixing up BSG and Firefly? Babylon 5 and Farscape? The Prisoner and Carnivale?

No, it's Trek versus Wars, until we have the Star Trek Wars and the Star Wars Trek.
@5, Except this doesn't even fall into that "war"

This is Bethany thinking she is too funny by pointing to a Star Trek thing and saying its a Star Wars thing to troll childish scifi fans into getting more page hits. It is just not funny at all.
I think it's funny that BJC knows enough about nerd culture to pick just the right "mistaken identity" insult. She knows it's from Star Wars, we know it's from Star Wars, only those who can't take a joke need get all uppity.

That being said, my apartment just replaced my carpet with laminate flooring, I could use a new throw rug.
@5: That explains why she did this particular thing, not why she thinks it's funny to try to piss off sci-fi nerds in the first place.

I'm not upset that she's intentionally saying something wrong. I'm not even pissed off that she's trying to piss me off.

I'm just rolling my eyes.
I'm with 4.
I think this is funny, but she needs to start including Firefly into the mix.
@6 and 8

Because pissing off nerds is funny.

I say that as a dyed in the wool nerd about a few subjects, including BSG.
I thought the classic nerd war was Kirk vs. Picard, not Trek vs. Wars. But true nerds love them all.

BJC can't just show us a picture of a cool thing. She has to write something. I find the troll amusing because of my own reaction. Before I can catch myself, I'm filled with righteous indignation. It's like a reptile-brain/fight-or-flight response. "That's not tribbles!!!!! ...oh, wait. It's a joke." And even if it wasn't, why the hell does it make me freak?
The only thing funny about it is the implication that other non-geek people don't have shit they get just as obnoxious about. And, indeed, that's exactly what most geeks are responding to. After the millionth time some poor gamer is publicly berated and humiliated for not knowing who Justin Timberlake is, or for not being able to tell the difference between Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, geeks just internalize the idea that the appropriate response to someone not knowing something you think is obvious is to act like an enormous fucking douche about it. So maybe next time BJC feels inclined to write someone off for not knowing who Allen Ginsberg or someone is, maybe she should just have a nice big glass of shut the hell up.
@ All the angry commenters. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume the fact that she's familiar with tribbles indicates she's a pretty big nerd.

I think you meant "pointing to a 'Star Wars' thing and saying it's a 'Star Trek' thing", because that is definitely NOT a tribble, heck it's not even a hornless mugato.

To be perfectly frank, I'm not even certain it's supposed to be a wampa. because it could just as easily be one of these.

And I'm not sure we even want to go there, because getting into a Trek-vs.-Rudolph argument is just cranking the nerdometer waaaaay past 11...
I find these posts endearing.
Lookie what he can do!
@15 The Bumble doesn't have horns!
ThinkGeek is more of a guy store than a geek store. But it's cooler to pretend you're buying geek stuff instead of guy stuff.
Well played, Clement. Well played.

(But only because you know that if you piss off nerds, they'll correct you at length and then ask you on a date, whereas if you piss off any other easily offended segment of the population like, say, teabaggers or Raiders fans, they'll send you death threats and shit on your doorstep.)
I feel I was doubly-tricked! I was hoping that link would take me to a magical world of rugs created from mythical creatures. I would *so* love a tribble rug...seriously, Imagine it. It'd be great.

Well duh! And it goes without saying that tribbles don't have eyes - or limbs or -

Besides, on that thing those "horns" look more like a really cheap retainer..
Er, @18, I meant...
@4 - That's what I thought!!
Dammit, I am just missing ALL the references today...
omg she isn't trying to piss anyone off. it's a goofy hilarious post that cracked this scifi nerd up! more!