Todd Palin Is Terrible at Writing E-Mails


... my head hurts
Her shoe has a Joe? Her Joes have a shoe?! WTF fek9wnr?
it confirms that todd palin doesn't know what "endorsement" means.
Sarah spent all morning working on a Face book post for Joe

Sure she did.
What are the odds that that carefully, painstakingly crafted Facebook post is all of two sentences long?
Whisky Tango Fuck are the quote arrows doing there? Did he forward it to himself before sending? Or send it to an accomplice for removal of any sentences that might accidentally have made sense?
Holy shit these people are dumb as rocks.

Please let this campaign crash and burn in a most spectacular fashion.
@7 That's going to be such fun to watch.
Whoh, Sarah, how far do you think you're going to get if you're slinging out a Facebook post in a single morning? Normal people spend weeks -- months even -- composing each precious line of their posts. Slow down, girl, and do it right.

Prediction for 2012: Obama spends 100% of his time helping down ticket candidates, relaxing, catching up on reading. Maybe a little Facebook. Wins easily. Thanks, Sarah.
@9 You're assuming that either she wins the Republican nomination or she runs as a 3rd party. Maybe we should all volunteer for her during the primary (and people in open primary states should vote for her)....
A vote for Sarah Palin is really a vote for Todd Palin. He really shouldn't have the level of access, but then again how much access did Hilary Clinton get when Bill was president? Then again, Hilary was a legal consultant, where Todd is just a former oil worker.
Color me unsurprised. Given her ego and delusional mind, there wasn't much doubt that she'd run, but it still grosses me out to think about it. I can barely stand to see her picture on the news once a week, and the thought of seeing it every day makes me want to puke. Even though her negatives are too high for her to have a realistic shot at winning the general election, she could still win the Republican primary, and then I'd have to see her face every day for SEVEN MONTHS. BLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!
OH THANK GOD. I mean, I am so glad that she's bringing her particular brand of crazy to the GOP. SPLIT THAT VOTE GIRL. SPLIT IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT.
Todd would make a really pretty First Lady though, wouldn't he?
I don't think it confirms that she is running, just that her husband feels his wife has been slighted. Which is awesome. But she won't run. The Republican leadership isn't that dumb. They're evil, but not dumb.
The Palin comedy troupe delivers again. Kudos!
Add that facebook post to the long list of things that Sarah Palin worked really hard on but never finished.
If we're really, really lucky, she'll run as an Independent. She seems narcissistic enough that it's a possibility.

Of course the GOP leadership isn't that dumb, but they ARE that greedy that they'd tout her just enough to convince the 'baggers that her "loss" in the primaries wasn't pre-ordained and that they really SHOULD vote for Romney or Boehner or whomever they actually WANT to run in 2012.
THis semester, I'm working with 5th graders who read and write on a 3rd grade level. Todd's spelling is better, his clarity? Not so much.
You needed confirmation that the woman who had to go to 4 colleges to find one white enough and with low enough standards to let her have a degree and who is married to a man who writes worse than a 4th grader, has a son who is reputed to have joined the army to avoid drug/alcohol and vandalism charges, a daughter who is a high school dropout and teenage mother (though I doubt she's actually the one taking care of the kid now that mommy has money), another daughter who has been accused of vandalism and underage drinking but got off scott-free, and who slung her youngest child around like a loaf of bread in front of the camera when he was needed as a prop but hasn't been seen in public since, was running for president in 2012? OF COURSE she's running for president. After all, she represents the GOP's/Teabagger's core family values: hypocrisy, racism, sexism, homophobia, bullying, lying, hatred, fear, trailer trash, money is all that matters, and stupidity.
15: What part of "She's going rogue!" is hard to understand? Her negatives among REPUBLICANS goes up every time she speaks, but that won't stop her. The Republican establishment plays by their own rules, and one of them is the nomination usually goes to the person who has the next "turn". See Reagan 76/80, Bush 80/88, Dole 1864/96, McCain 00/08, etc. Romney is the heir apparent in that crowd. If not Romney, then it will be an "outsider" the establishment can live with, like Chris Christie from New Jersey.
The GOP may tear itself apart in 2012. They got desperate in 2008 and picked up the crazy chick. Then they woke up the next morning and found her making room in the closet for her stuff. Now they can't figure out how to get rid of her.
The Mudflats says that this e-mail, besides proving that Todd Palin is a borderline illiterate jackass,
Anybody who has a Blackberry on AT&T is a little suspect right off the bat in my book.
@14 Cute and dumb...just the type that ball gags were invented for.
Aww, yay Mudflats!
Palin in the nomination means Obama gets 4 more years. Don't sweat it; just give her some money.
Publicly, I can't stand Sarah, but secretly, I'd have sex with Todd.
Todd needs a lesson in how to use quotation marks and English.
@29 Nah - education is only for the liberal elite. Neither Todd nor Sarah need more education - they just make shit up as they go along: facts, grammar rules, words....
This is totally an Obama psy-ops job.
For an email the grammar was not that bad. A run-on sentence or extra can certainly be excused in the heat of passion. The arrows? The intern who reads the mail got a kick out of it and forwarded it. So Todd got a hard lesson in how politics in the grown-up world works. Big deal.
@21 Nice summation of the Palin clan. The degree-shopping part is the hardest for me to swallow. Mostly, who the hell leaves Hawaii for Idaho?!?! (I still kick myself for turning down Pepperdine for UPS.)

Perhaps the GOP primary debates should just be a spelling bee?!