Typically when you find a for-profit group trying to "improve" something, it's for the purposes of improving profit, first and foremost, and not the treatment of clients.

They don't make a very strong case opposing that very simple notion.
Wow, Dom..

Edsonya Charles's supporters spoon feed you a story, and you print it up like it's gospel without even checking your source's motives or looking for evidence supporting any of his claims?

Just wow.
Stephen Hayne's letter makes a more compelling argument than your original article. Especially in the case of Hurtado, who admits to delivering more harsh sentences than his colleagues based on a personal experience.
TL; JDI (just drank instead)
@5 - you get a hi-five for that one!
Exceptionally well written letter. Much more so than the original article.
Regardless, consider the messenger shot.

I don't know if "messenger" is the word you're looking for. Try "fabricator."
Tell hit to get it under 140 characters and I'll read it.
Verbosity is a fundamental flaw of the legal profession. I blame law schools - the thoroughness they encourage (which is a good thing) is never encouraged to be concise. Give him another 20 years or so; when he's as old and burnt-out as I am, he'll be able to say that in three paragraphs.
Wordy? Sure. So was Dominic's original article. Only difference is this one actually makes some sense. Dominic's reads like a barely altered press release.
I'm buying CJE's story.
Hmmmm..Article got response.?Somebody must be writing something....
Give the letter Rag space and lets go! But don't cut the Hulk
I never read Dom's piece. This will blow over. The point to take out of this whole thing:
Judge Charles is a bitch, DON'T VOTE FOR HER.
"criminal defense lawyers simply have the most extensive and regular experience with judges at this level."

uh, except for prosecutors.

also, i don't think he understands the definition of irony.

fucktards. all lawyers are fucktards.
The letter WOW! When you have to go to that extent there is something fishy! DUI's kill and distroy peoples lives. Don't you get it? They are a danger to society and should be treated as such. Judge Michael Hurtado has the experience of 17 years on the bench and personal or not I'm glad he is there. I know the lose of losing someone to a drunk driver. Thank you Judge Michael Hurtado for being tough!

His initial point is an important one to understand. Running against an incumbent Seattle Muni Court judge is both very difficult and an opportunity to make enemise who can have dramatic impacts on your carreer.

I was surprised that no one has run against a Seattle Muni Court judge in 12 years. Telling you people. They aren't so good that they never merit an option.
I don't think it would be possible to paint DUI attorneys in a worse light than that which already illuminates them.

They allow drunks to kill people.
Having experienced a lower court judge, I can certainly see the point that Mr. Hayne is making. I haven't experienced Judge Charles personally, but there are judges that are extremely rude and in one case, wouldn't even look at evidence, despite that it likely could have changed the outcome.

Having said that, Mr. Hayne makes it sound like they are trying to prevent injustice, when in reality, I find any process that uses persons internal to the infrastructure of a government system to carry out a vetting process a bit disturbing.

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