Flogging the dead horse.
Goldy, to get a strong reaction from Slog, all you need to do is make a one sentence Twitter. Humorous conjecture is the foundation for good television.
Wher long form medical records, Reichert, Wher!?
Maybe Reichert doesn't want to debate because it would only give publicity to his opponent and he believes the race is already in the bag. Brain damaged or not.
Goldy, you're skating very close to a tipping point where this whole thing ends up gaining Reichert more votes than it loses him. Thanks for raising the issue, but be careful.
i'm not brain-damaged. i am you.
Could have fooled me!
wow, I don't really think you're kidding that much that you want some of the credit for making up this problem that isn't even a problem.

as people have repeatedly pointed out, he doesn't have to debate her, he is way ahead.

you're grasping at straws for attention, just like the pathetic blogging cockroach that you are.

I don't say that as a democrat or a republican, I say that as a person who can read.
Does anyone else suspicious that pretty much all of the symptoms you've described for this sort of brain damage can also be attributed to Jan Brewer? I'm not saying she's brain damaged, just that it's interesting. Why won't her campaign answer these allegations? Makes you think doesn't it?
I hear Reichert is in his right mind.

Or whichever hemisphere is functional today, that is.
Half a brain is a terrible thing to waste.

Or in Reichert's case, fill with donuts.

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