*sigh* Listen, there are child molesters of all stripes, everywhere there are adults. What makes the Catholic Church stand out is that they used their vast resources of wealth & influence to protect their child molesters from prosecution. They also covered their tracks so well, so that no one will ever know for certain how long they've been doing this. It is not too much of a stretch to suggest that the Catholic Church has been supporting child molestation for millenia, abusing millions of children along the way.

So, until there is another powerful, wealthy & influential organization that is actively and routinely aiding, abetting & supporting the activities of child molesters, any comparison to them is a gross abuse of hyperbole. (I mean, hey, I enjoy reading journalistic pearl-clutching as much as the next guy, but this is just silly.)
#1: I wouldn't expect anything less from The Stranger!
Eh. Constant's so full of hate it has to boil over somewhere.
So FOX News has a party van?
@1: Oh c'mon, Catholic Priest is just a common synonym for child molester now.

You see, my point is that I find this kind of short-hand disgusting. What the CC did wasn't child molesting. That was done by individual priests, like there are individual child molesters among Jews, Muslim, Baptists, social workers, factory workers, etc etc etc. What the CC did is far worse, they made themselves above the law & turned it into an industry. For centuries. And every dues-paying Catholic is party to it, whether they like it or not.

So the "common synonym" is letting them off easy. I'd much prefer for the CC to be called "Molesters, Inc."
@6: Rock on, rock on. But the headline wasn't "Is Fox News the New Catholic Church?" it was "Are Fox News Reporters the New Catholic Priests?"

I think comparing the Catholic Church to a corporation devoted to molesting children lets them off easy. It fails to bring to mind their centuries of fear-mongering, science bashing, women hating, AIDS helping, money hoarding, piously hypocritical ways as well. I honestly don't know of a more apt name to encompass their evil than their own preferred moniker. Though then again, Iā€™m not that creative.
Child molestation bad!
I thought from the headline this was a piece that outlined the similarities between Faux News and medieval catholic church. Each one "interpreting" the bible, constitution, signs of the times, etc. for the illiterate followers. Both doing so for their own power and wealth, no altruism involved in either case.
I guess I'm no good with current "common (political) synonyms".

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