This is just going to keep bugging me. Eli, do you know what a devil's advocate is? I assume yes, so please explain why this column is relevant.
@1: Your point is nowhere near as good as you believe it to be.
It is undeniable that many of the ancestors of Negroes currently
living in America were brought here in chains and sold as slaves.

Mighty white of him to admit that.
Oh, look, its this faggotry again.
Affirmative action does NOT give admissions to unqualified minority students. Anyone who complains about qualified white students being turned away is laboring under the delusion that whites are somehow entitled to those admissions.
probably not
Hizzonor makes a lot of good points.
"I say it is injustice when a boy is denied admission to a state supported university because (other things being equal) his skin is white rather than black."

I'm guessing you didn't read that line, venomlash.
@1: I think every one knows what a devil's advocate is. The question is, does the devil need defending on our State's supreme court?
@7, uh, Brandon, when have "other things being equal" been anything more than fatuous crap? ^..^
@7: If they have equally good academic and personal records, either the white kid or the black kid is going to get in, and the other is going to get a politely worded rejection letter in the mail. It's got to happen to one of them. Some of the time it's going to be one, and some of the time it's going to be the other. For the most part, it's luck of the draw.
But that spot does not BELONG to the white kid, and to act like the white kid had some right to it is just plain racist. You might want to think about it a little, Brandon J.
"I have long suspected that this notion BOTTOMED the policies"

*childish joke here*
12 it up to individuals who were personally innocent of any wrong doing to do something about it?

The kid Sanders misses the point. It is about individuals who still profit from the work of slaves. Many family fortunes, in North & South, were built on the free labor of slaves. Those family fortunes, like the timber, mining & railroad families of the West, did not just disappear with Emancipation. That wealth metastisized into even more wealthy families, supporting even more exlusive country clubs & prep schools. Privilege sustains itself, often at the expense of others.
That wealthy white kid of 1967 may very well have a great-grandfather who made his fortune on the backs of those who were denied human rights. It was a pretty extensive racket back in the 19th century. And you didn't have to be a slaveowner to be part of the profiteering. You just had to be white.
Well, it has been 3 whole days now, and the vicious anti-gay torture attacks on NYC have been completely ignored by the naive white libtards here at Slog. A gang of latrinos committing one of the worst anti-gay torture attacks in years just doesn't fit Slog's hate-whitey, stick-it-to-the-man, down-with-Western Civilization narrative.
Less than 2% of southern whites owned slaves. Most of the southern wealth created with slave labor was destroyed during the civil war. Don't let the facts get in the way of your naive white libtard narrative.
@1 --

The name of one's column does not give him cover for writing hateful bullshit.

For example, if I name my column 'just kidding', will you defend me when I write:

jjm84s mama is so fat, she doesn't have a period. She has an exclaimation mark.


Is that less than 2% of the population of southern whites or less than 2% of the total GDP of the nation?

@14: You're a horrible liar. As of 1860, 1/3 of Southern families owned slaves. (…)
@15 I will always defend your right to publish "yo momma" jokes.
@18: Yo momma so fat, when she jumps for joy...
...she gets stuck.
Your mama gives blowjobs for free in Hondas. She calls it her civic duty.
@14 -- How do you destroy wealth?
While I do not dispute that Sanders is a scumbag, the Stranger needs to make a better case for it than using editorials penned by a law student titled "The Devil's Advocate" (the title is a hint, see). Arguing the "other side" is what lawyers train to do.

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