After Tweaks for Local Interests, City Council Set to Pass Yellow Pages Bill


Unanticipated consequences.

You will see a lot of small local firms that just happen to produce a shade less than 4 tons crop up.

Although it's nice that this exemption works for the Pink Pages.
I don't know anyone who actually uses a phone book or even has space for one. The Google Machine rendered paper reference material sort of moot a few years ago. If the Yellow Book people want to keep blowing cash on something that just goes strait to the recycle bin, I say we let 'em run their business into the ground.

That being said: I don't have a home phone. I have FIOS and with that I use Skype. Being devil's advocate, the fiber line also doubles as a phone line, albeit to a different company...So the question is: if Verizon/Frontier/Qwest/USwest/Ameritech/ATT/whoever provide my internet, Am I then in their pool of "their membership" and still going to get a Seattle phone book anyway?

Maybe I'm in an uncommon situation, But I'd really rather not still have to toss the litter on my door stop in the bin w/o even taking it out of the bag even after this law passes.

Maybe if the law specified unwanted phone books could be prosecuted as litter ($103) or trespassing, or illegal dumping or something...what is preventing this route right now? Amend current law I mean instead of a new one YB gets to protest and tie up in court...
You can always use the yellow pages to throw into the Billionaires Tunnel when we're all homeless thanks to the giant sucking sound of taxes going to that.
The gay phone book is a waste to trees too.