Way to ruin my day Schmader, jesus.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Mommy is the role Charlize Theron was born to play.
Mickey Rourke as Daddy. Demi Moore as Mommy.
Jesus H. Motherfucking Christ on a Popsicle stick.
I couldn't hate that little Jeffy fucker any more than I do. Unless of course his role was played by Michael Cera. Yes, Michael Cera for Jeffy.
David, I love ya and everything, but fuck you for telling me about this. I just started feeling better from taking a double dose of the codeine cough syrup, and now I feel a shitty again.
Lindsay Lohan as Dolly. Directed by Robert Rodriguez.
@7, they'd guarantee all the slow-mo spraying body fluids you'd expect from the Family Circus.
At this moment, I can't think of a single movie idea I like less than this. I expect this to be the biggest flop of the year if it ever actually gets made.
Well, this comes as good news to the people who made Marmaduke. Now they won't have to be forever saddled with the guilt of knowing they made history's worst film adaptation.

The only way I might watch this film is if the plot were that ghost grandparent haunting them. Supernatural horror Family Circus.
Oh my God. I just read the article, and they're using a brain trust that gave us Ultraviolet, Cutthroat Island, and Jumper?! This really is going to be the worst film ever made.
Great, that means that "This Ain't The Family Circus XXX" can't be far behind.
I will Inglorious Basterds as many fucking theaters as I can as long as this plays.
I think it's got a chance--really. "Family Circus" is about a thousand times funnier than "Hagar", "Blondie", "Beetle Bailey", and that damned "Garfield" combined.
I'm still waiting for Ziggy, the movie, starring Brian Posehn.

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