Dammit. That's one of my regular parks and I go there with my three year old twins to watch the heron fish all the time. Assholes.
Oh, amen, Dom. A-fucking-men.
Could be worse, could have injured a Bald Eagle.

If you take the 520 route over Lake Washington, the two art platforms, typically the Bald Eagles get the North one and the Herons get the south. You never see them switching it up.
I took a picture of that bird (or one of its family):…
You're supposed to take them home and shoot them in your bathtub, right?
Oh, if they hadn't had an air rifle, they would have done it with their own hands. Well, probably not.
whatcha wanna bet they're bullies, too?
throw them to the beavers.
When I was 13 my best friend whom I had a huge crush on invited me to join him trying to hit birds with his new Daisy air rifle. I agreed on the principle of never saying no to him, and wound up knocking a wren off a branch - I couldn't find it on the ground after and just hoped it got away okay. Worst feeling ever.

That my friend did in fact let me get naked with him later turned out to be not as much consolation as I needed.
They couldn't catch a bird with a broken wing? C'mon!
Update says neighbors have rescued the bird. Yay!
Hey, if the heron is dead, it's a violation of the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act--a misdemeanor carrying a $15,000 fine.
Thanks, @12.
Oh gus, my dad tells a similar story, shooting a bb gun for the first time at about the same age. He was the only one to hit anything, and he shot a bird in the eye. He was so appalled he's hated guns ever since.

Now I'm just trying to NOT imagine him following it up with a little naked cousin on cousin action...heh.
Who the fuck cares. It is a stupid ass bird. I hardly think even ruining the day of these people is worth a OOOOOO a blue heron!

WTF is wrong with you people.

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