Excellent post, as usual, Goldy. Thanks for the info; good to see some nice reporting. Although perhaps you've missed a possible cause; perhaps Reichert's brain damage was retroactive? :-)
"was so convinced"

99% of the writing on Slog has this exact same strict conviction
I'm not surprised. I have read so many accounts of serial killers getting away with murder for years because the police don't DNA test properly or don't chose to ignore an invaluable tip that years later would lead them straight to the killers door. Though there are some great law enforcement members out there, I would say at least 2/3 of serial killers get at least one more kill in before the police get their heads out of their asses. I know a lot of women are prostitutes, but that doesn't make them stupid.
Wait, you mean a Republican is embellishing (lying about) his record?
@2: And how many people die as a result?
@5 i'm not sure, i mostly due theoretical statistics, but my guess would be 1 out of 100000? what's that regarding the US population counting undocumented persons?
@4 yes.

oh, I see. yeah, I guess we shouldn't be surprised at that.

Wait, you mean journalists dropped whatever integrity/critical thinking skills they had to prop up the Republican narrative?
@6, you're crazy. Seriously, get your meds refilled.

Fantastic post, Goldy. Reichert's been getting away with this B.S. for far too long.
I think it's great that the Stranger is linking us to a blog post that we'd probably otherwise never see, but it's a shame that this isn't a front-page feature reported IN the Stranger rather than on some unpaid blog.

There's strong criticism of local media in this post, so I'm curious if the Stranger has also pointed out Reichert's incompetence and non-involvement in catching TGRK all of these years?
Did the Stranger do a cover story last time? Maybe there should be one this time? Or a New Column about this?
@9 i'm not crazy, just a product of the education system that befalls a lot of us. i doubt if I could point out the Bay of Biscayne on a map, just as I could guess the approximate US population without the ease of a web look up. 230 million? world population? 2 billion? i think the undocumented info is the x factor, and will always be, thankfully. otherwise, 99% of what i'm so convinced about starts sounding like an arrogant bullish writer for the Stranger.
Off limits. Reichert gets the credit because he worked the case longest.
six shooter @13,

Yes, he worked the case longest... without success.
@12, what I was getting at isn't your ability or lack thereof to make good factual estimates, but your difficulty in putting together coherent thoughts in sentences, and in particular your apparent suggestion that some people HAVE in fact died as a result of reading Slog.
I'm curious: whatever happened to Melvyn Foster? What happens to a guy who is hounded for years for crimes he didn't commit?
Fnarf @16,

According to Michael at BlatherWatch, Foster moved away and died.
@14 -- I don't know, I wasn't there, etc.. but I am pretty sure no one else on the task force would allow Reichert to claim credit if he didn't deserve some of it.

We don't need him to catch criminals anymore. We need him to lead organized groups of professionals in a common task.

And to bring home some bacon for the State.
Mr six shooter who the hell do you think you are with the "off limits" demand and the whiney justification of "he worked the case the longest". Try Det. D Jensen, Det P. Thioury and my Brother and the rest of the "task force" that was involved.

Reichert showed no class and less breeding by minimilizing the efforts of ALL the King County Detectives involved so he could pimp himself in front of the cameras.

Thank you for the article Mr. Goldy you marvelous pinko bastard.

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