Oh my.
Weeks?? WTF My dead rats started to smell only a few hours after rigor mortis. Burry the damn thing!

And the only god I saw in their eyes was Shiva, the destroyer of worlds.
at 0:12 seconds, it all becomes crystal clear...
"I don't believe in feeding animals to other animals"
Lady, how do you think many animals survive in the wild?
Let's just be glad she doesn't have snakes she's trying to keep alive with salad.
His hands are in prayer? She needs medication!
OK. Rats do make great pets. I've owned a couple, and they're affectionate, playful and pretty smart. I would recommend any family thinking about getting a small pet to consider a rat over a hamster or guinea pig, since those tend to bite and are comparatively pretty dumb.

But when our rats died, we buried/cremated them. We also didn't give them the run of the place when they died. I guess there's a Crazy Lady for every kind of pet.

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