No, Lea has turned pointless this season. I am glad she is going further up your alley, but between the crappy makeup, too-skinniness and gamut of Barbra-lite singing expressions from A to B I declare her dead to me.
Hasn't almost every female character on any teenage show posted half naked before? I know all the Buffy girls did. So did a couple of Dawson's Creek, OC, 90210, ect. It's not like Glee is especially wholesome. Parents just enjoy bitching, I suppose.
It's a shame that TV won't hire real teens to portray teens on TV series.

Like Miley Cyrus who was shot nude in Vanity Fair ... ewwwwwwwwwww.
I don't know shit about Glee, but I think Taylor Momsen (Momson?) Is about the hottest thing out there right now. If 24 makes you a pedophile, I guess I'm in real trouble.
You'd think that, given the amount of time a man was just sentenced for downloading Simpsons porn (10 years) every child molester and child rapist who videotapes his crime (child-pornography is an oxymoron) has been locked up and dealt with already. It explains why this group is spending their valuable time decrying a GQ spread.

Parents Television Coucil - you are doing yourselves, your children, and everyone else a disservice by comparing a spread in GQ to crimes that destroy millions of lives. STOP FUCKING AROUND AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT PEOPLE WHO ARE ACTUALLY TRYING TO HARM CHILDREN, YOU USELESS PIECES OF SHIT!

Whew. Ok, this one seemed to have touched a bit of a nerve.
The Parents Television Council is an offshoot of the Media Research Center, a right-wing "watchdog" group funded by oil money, Adolph Coors and various right-wing foundations. The PTC opposes any portrayal of "sex, violence and profanity on television and in other media".

So basically they think you're a pervert for watching network TV at all.
all together now, and this time with feeling:

"pedophilia only refers to being sexually aroused by individuals who are not yet physically sexually mature."

no matter if she's 11 or 24, if she has breasts like that and they give you a stiffy, you're not a pedophile.
Good post Paul but your still wrong about Shue's rapping, it is awesome.
The Parents Television Council are like bed bugs. They irritate everyone and you can't get rid of them.
Gus is right. Lea/Rachel is the worst thing on the show this year. But if you're talking about magazine pictures, then whatever you want.

However, "that blond lady" is Jane Lynch, greater than there is none. Though maybe not naked, I wouldn't know.

What's wrong with being a pedophile? Cough, cough.
Pedo Bear says: Too old >:-(

Are you sure? Earlier, he writes "that actresses Lea Michele and Dianna Agron are mostly naked and the guy, Cory Monteith, gets to keep his clothes on."
So when he later wrote "If they just got rid of that blond lady and the dude, it would be the photo shoot of my dreams," my assumption (not having seen the photo) is the blond lady is Dianna Agron.
Thank you, Paul. My thoughts exactly.
I think we just need to look at who the photographer was of this shoot and all is revealed:…

Seriously. That guys gives me the willies.
24 year old actress who plays a high school student features in a photo spread shot in a school in which she wears athletic socks and socks on lolly-pops, while her co-star does seductive cheerleader poses.

Pedophilia? No. About the most lame and cliche thing ever? Yesirreebob.
Just don't go crushing on that gay dude in 90210. He may be 32 in real life (!!), but his character is jail-bait.
Am I disturbed for knowing that all the characters are legal in their home setting, as well? 16 is the age of consent, and all the characters are referred to as at least 16, so as long as you're doing them in Ohio, it doesn't count as illegal.

As for the actual point, people need to get a life (me included, apparently).
Christians are outraged over something in the media?

Color me shocked.
well, if she can be sexy while posed in any environment, then why pose her in a high school environment? why do they need to pose her as if she were a high school student? i sorta get the point. the idea of all you 40 -50 - 60 year-old farts getting stiffies even over a fictionalized 16 year old IS a bit gross. it would be fine to see in a different kind of magazine, but GQ is meant...wait. GQ really does wish it were Playboy, doesn't it?

but regarding the dude, being all covered up: of course he's covered up. it is a men's magazine. for straight men. no offense taken there.
@15: Some things are cliched because they're true. Other things are cliched because they're fucking hot.

@19: Because the show is set in a high school environment? And she plays a high school student?
"But honestly, I just can't stop drooling over Lea Michelle to get riled up about the inequality."

And you were doing so well, Paul, being the beacon of non-misogyny at SLOG. Thanks for dismissing inequality for your boner...Personally, I find you more interesting when you're not drooling.
devil's advocate here: sure, SHE is hot, but a 50 year-old drooling over a 16 year-old is hot? you tellin' me that's hot?

the distinction is a little silly...but if she were an older woman who wasn't actually really truly trying to convince us she WAS a 16 year old, ie, an older woman dressing as a 16 year old but looking obviously older....then no worries. sort of.
but there she is, on TV, and the whole point is that she's giving it a serious go at looking younger. she's uh, acting, not role-playing.
It may have been best if not done in a hs setting, yes I know they are hs characters but it seems a little creepy that way.
hmmm, I'd might ask if they run the boner pill ads during Glee, and if that is considered creepy? but since those ads pretty much are all over the place anyway, meh, it's all good 'cause, boners ya'll !!
Why does the Parents *Television* Council care about who's posing for a layout in a magazine like GQ? Like kids who watch Glee are going to buy/look at GQ?

The other day I was stuck in the "customer lounge" while my car was being serviced and FauxNews was on the TV. Some spokes-perv from the Parents Television Council was whining about how Miley Cyrus' new video was too sex-oriented. She's going to be 18 next month, but this guy apparently wanted her to stay 12 forever. I think the real pervs are at the Parents Television Council.

BTW, shouldn't their name be Parents' Television Council (with apostrophe)?
So I guess the PTC would be OK with a similar photo spread of a 16 year old, as long as they played a 24 year old on TV.
If PTC had their way, looking at pictures of Betty White taken in a high school setting would be akin to pedophilia.
@19 I'm confused, GQ is a magazine for straight men? But then, straight men would know how to dress...???
By the letter of the laws (most of them as I understand them anyway) in his country there is some merit to the complaint.

Nude pictures of an adult woman advertised or portrayed as under 18 are pretty much illegal.

I'd tell you how I know but rules 1 and 2 don't only apply to raids anymore, so there you go.
@22- 27.
Shit. Quit with the judgment already. Some very nice photos of some very attractive young people and you think us all pervy? These are very talented, legal adults posing in beautiful and alluring photographs. Allow me my fantasy. I'd rather watch a pretty girl sing than a young boy fart and you label me the weird one? Calm down. Biology.
#21 Men having boners is misogynist.

Nah. I love boners. Boners rock. Feminism has no beef with boners--just with their owners who put their boners before others' humanity. Boners that dismiss gender inequality are bad boners, especially when that boner's owner is smart enough to know better, to the point of actually stating that's what he's doing. One can have a boner and also get riled up about gender inequality. Privileging your boner while writing an, albeit snarky, post about a group criticizing a men's lifestyle magazine spread fetishizing high school girls (which, as a fetish is problematic insomuch as pedophilia is a real thing in the world--I'm not agreeing with PTC here, just pointing this out) for your supposed progressive alt weekly is fauxgressive indeed. Especially when anything that's not absolutely go-go-go sex positive! (like sexual assault, etc--well, unless it's connected to Catholic priests and young boys) gets short shrift at said supposedly progressive alt weekly.

Okay, well it looks like Dan's making more of an effort with his coverage of that cheerleader's horrible ordeal in Texas. It's a step.

This also happened:…
Yeah, it's not paedophilic or anything, but it's still a painfully cliché and sexist spread. But then, what do we expect from Terry Richardson?
Does anyone really care what the Parents Television Council says? They're about as far out of the mainstream as you can get.
@32: Your expression "bad boners" gave me a boner, as did the phrases "beef with boners" and "privileging your boner." The term "fauxgressive" made it go away, though.
YEEESH. Those are waaay too sexy! Turn it down straight dudes!
@36, yeah, I'm not surprised: boners are total divas.
#32 You remind of the feminists in The Handmaid's Tale who were pretty happy when the Christians started to ban porn.

Yeah, because having a boner for an adult woman dressed in a high school uniform will lead to pedophilia. Just like reading horror comics lead to crime, Grand Theft Auto, Columbine, The Matrix, derp, derp. Fauxgressive indeed.

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