Only 31% of King County self identifies as "Liberal"?
Obama truly has been a blessing to the Right.....
the rent is too damn high
@1: 31% of likely voters does not equal 31% of everybody. you're welcome.
On the plus side, if it tanks: less money for prohibition, I guess.
I found the Income break down to be the most interesting. Those making less than $40K polled more in favor of a sales tax increase than those better able to afford it, although this may be explained by which services the tax will save.

It sort of makes the 54% polled as making over 80K look like assholes to me.
I'm liberal and voted no on it. Stop spending my tax money filling up prisons with non-violent drug users.
I'm with westlake, son. I don't want to expand a regressive tax that is going to fund prosecution of a disproportionate amount of low-income people, all while making them pay more for it. It continues a ridiculous cycle.
I'd agree with @6 and @7 but I live in Skyway - I will lose my sheriff dept if this doesn't pass.
So now there needs to be income-proportionality for criminal prosecutions? Slog, making right-wing stereotypes of liberals come true every day!
I'm a liberal.

And I already voted No.

As have a lot of other Seattle liberals.

Tell the Sheriff to stop wasting money and stop paying overtime - until that happens, you're not getting support for a sales tax.

thanks, you're right.

that is even worse.....

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