Seriously? What's at "steak"?!? Brendan, are you high?
Yes. And hungry.
If we had managed to get a similar initiative on the WA ballot, we'd be laughing at how badly Rossi was being beaten right now.
Well latest L.A. Times poll shows Prop 19 losing badly.
"So why are Boxer and Obama (via Gil), and Jerry "Governor Moonbeam" Brown stumping against legalization?"

Because they are calculating (correctly in my opinion) that taking a purely symbolic stance against legalization will bring more moderates into their tent than it will push liberals out of it. This reality is the bane of liberal politics in this country.
And just to toss in another piece of the puzzle. The feds have already stated they will not tolerate it. That they will enforce federal drug laws in California and do so with a passion if the state legalizes marijuana.
Personally, I think there is so much 'under the table money going in political pockets' (re: drugs - both legal and illegal) that woe be unto anyone trying to 'upset the apple cart'.

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