A sex-offender tracker app is going down a dark path, I fear. How accurate can it be? It's going to make people more paranoid and frightened, and bad things happen when people are paranoid and frightened.
I still love this guy.
Is this real?
By all means, lets single out and harass people who are mentally unstable and in need of help. Maybe if we just get them to pin a red "S" on their shirts then people without iPhones can harass them too!
@4. Poor sex offenders. Won't someone think of the poor sex offenders?
Priceless!!! And this was the guy some people complained to the station about, saying he was a bad rap. Now he's got the big monies!
Will it distinguish between actual sex offenders and kids who sent photos of themselves to classmates?

Me too. The lipstick was a nice touch. As was the encouragement to use it "at ya granma house."

You rock, Antoine!
@5, like the kid just over the age of consent who slept with a kid just under the age of consent, got busted for statutory rape, and is now a sex offender for life because of consensual sex? Or the drunk adults caught having sex somewhere too public, now scarlet lettered forever because they were drunk once? Not all sex crimes are the same. Not everyone convicted of sex crimes is at the same risk of repeat offense.
I love that!

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