Lindy, I was trying to explain you to my Aunt in california this weekend, and I think this post does a better job.
Applicants to Appalachian State are furiously rewriting their personal essays to add "hot" as an adjective they would use to describe themselves.
Gee...I can't seem to make up my mind about where to go to college. Now that I have seen that HOT! HOT! HOT! video, I am so totally going there!
I was sitting in Odegaard Library trying not to study for a physics test when I found Appalachian State's Appropriate Technology Program which led me to transfer their. It was a great school- I'm sure glad I didn't see that video before I decided to transfer.
I don't know of about anyone else, but when I think of Appalachia, I think of academia. Just like the English major of the previous post.
Lindy, why would you do something like that to us? That was torture.

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