On behalf of Fnarf, I would like to officially protest that these results aren't available on either the HTC Android or his Zune on steroids.

Dude, we voted like two weeks ago. Give it a rest.
Dont need a Zune or Android version, those phones have real web browsers, so just point it to or whatever. iPhone users NEED a special app or specially encoded HTML because their web browser suck.
Why not just use Chrome then?
Lame! It only works with iOS 4.
I don't have a Zune or any kind of cell phone. Sorry to disappoint you.
I'll be the lone voice here: AWESOME! Thanks, Cienna.
"The application requires the iPhone 4.0 Software Update" Suck!
We have submitted a modified version to work with iPhones running iOS 3+. Like all apps, it needs to be approved by Apple before it is released on the store. Hopefully, this will be done quickly and in time for Tuesday.

As far as an Android version, we didn't have time to write it in time for November 2nd. However, our plan is to have that launched before the next election. Our goal is to have it available on both platforms, which we have done for Corporations Search and "Ask a Librarian" mobile applications.

Matthew Edwards, Washington Secretary of State
Second AWESOME. Thanks, Secretary of State.

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