Still don't get this fad.
Grande soy cran latte? What does that even mean?
The best part of catching a bus in the U Dist is watching the Zombies chase the Humans.
Good story.

Also, for what its worth, Will in Seattle is WAY more important to Slog than Fnarf ever could or would be.

You go, Will, get down with your bad self.
I loved this. By EAT CAT he had me in the palm of his hand. Thanks, Paul.
That was good Paul, thanks for the link.
Great story - I forwarded it to my son at the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop so he can show it to his undergraduate students.
One: Long ago bored of zombies. Two: This comes across as an arrogant jerk making fun of baristas. The most successful zombie story I can remember is Shaun of the Dead, because at least it was healthily self-deprecating while it implied that the rat race makes us zombies.
I've been contemplating writing a zombie story for a while, about a zombie outbreak whose only symptoms are an irresistable compulsion to bite the non-infected. (In other words, not really zombies at all.)
Maybe I'll get on that.
Meh. Nice start that slid back into predictability.
Thank you for the link Paul. Lovely sad story, even if I'm tired of zombies.
That was excellent! And LOL at Fnarf.
If you want a zombie story with no actual zombies, just a psychopath trying to create his own personal zombie, you have one more weekend to check out Zombie at Burien Little Theatre's late night shows. It's from a Joyce Carol Oates novella, loosely based on Jeffrey Dahmer, and it has a real powerhouse of a performance in it (it's a one-man show).

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