His name is actually Profitt? This has got to be some kind of Ayn Rand fan fiction. I refuse to believe this is real.
Goddamn brownshirts.

@1, this has nothing to do with Ayn Rand. These hillbillies can't even read. That includes Rand Paul and his goddamn microcephalic pappy. These people are the rebirth of the 90s militia movement that produced Tim McVeigh, Randy Weaver, the Montana Freemen. They claim they're libburtarians but they're really just scared Aryan Nations twits with gun fetishes to cover their insecurities with.
And what will Mr. Proffitt's defense be? That one lone MoveOn protester represented such an imminent threat to the person of Mr. Paul, that he had absolutely no choice but to stamp on her face with a boot, "1984" style?
Summons to appear? Was arresting him for assault too radical?
Here's a good one about "Rand" Paul...

Ayn Rand, born Alisa Rosenbaum
A fake candidate, running a fake campaign, promising impossible things, determined to get what he wants regardless of his inanity, named after someone who used a fake name -- an alias, like a common criminal -- to conceal her true identity.
Rand Paul's namesake is Alisa Rosenbaum -- her REAL name, that is.
@4 has a good point.
@4, cops were there. They stood there and watched the whole thing.
just another example of why i don't want to be in the same country as kentucky.
It's quickly coming to the point where the only patriotic thing to do is to exercise the Bush Doctrine against all members of the Republican Party. Obviously, a preemptive war against the Republican Party is the only option we have to keep America free from Tyranny.
ohhhh kentucky! duhhhhh!
Sadly, Pol Pot has a point @9.

I hear GITMO is nice this time of year.
Anybody who takes the Tea Party claims about revering the Constitution seriously is not paying attention.

You know, those cops have a tough job. It's only the few bad apples that give the rest of them a bad name. If those cops weren't there to ignore crime against political enemies, then murders & rapists would be everywhere.
So the Tea Party nuts move from verbal violence to real violence, and suddenly Republican politics had become just like Hitler's brownshirts. Who's surprised? God help us of these brutal lunatics get into power.
Hope Tim Profitt becomes some large inmate's bitch.
They're just warming up for the 72nd anniversary of Kristallnacht.
You don't hear Paul saying that such behavior is inexcusable and unconscionable, and the FOX bimbo totally fails to demand it of him. But then, FOX is no more a journalistic enterprise than the Tea Party is a real political movement, so I guess that's unfair to ask for that sort of integrity.
@5 You forgot the bitter & crazy father figure, filling a child's head with "how it should be's".
She expresses herself by shoving signs through the windows of moving vehicles at the driver (and Senatorial candidate?)

New video has surfaced.…

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