Confirmed I arrived at the Union station avc and a voting helper said the wait time is 2.5 hrs. I'm heading home instead to grab my ballot and turn it in at a drop box. I believe that will take me 1.5 less hours.
I went to U. Stn after lunch and holy shit - the voters' line was stretched out 50 strong and not moving visibly. Good luck all!
How hard is it to FUCKING MAIL A BALLOT IN? Jesus christ.
just got back from the Ballard library. people are streaming to the drop box, cars are circling the block and dropping off people with ballots, there's a truck with huge rolling tubs full of ballots and they just keep coming.

better late than never, Seattle.
Thank you for this description of the scene, ironymaiden @5

it pleases me
re: two hour wait

Major bummer.

Anyone else see the documentary American Blackout? People were disenfranchised by the lines caused by the touchscreens.

When I was a poll judge, we handled the rush, no problem. Just issue paper ballots. People found any spare surface to vote, no problem.

With the touchscreens, only a fixed number of people can vote at a time.

Defenders of the touchscreen voting machines claim they're faster than paper ballots. Not true. I timed voters using paper vs touchscreen. Actual marking of the ballot is a tie. Alas, the extra procedures used (at the time) made the touchscreens take longer.

Cheers, Jason Osgood

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