Murray: "We are going to win this race."


pimping out that kid is really gross
Well, that's good, though I really wish the race wasn't as close as it was/is. I hope people finally learn their lesson with Rossi.

I have to say I am so goddamn disappointed in the 2nd District right now.
@2 The 2nd is pissing me off

I saw her last night at neumos, she is incredibly short LOL
Why does Washington State returns have Murray in hte lead but the NY Times have Rossi? Obviously this proves that the liberal media isn't at all!
It's not that close @2 - only 34 percent of King County voters counted in a 68 to 70 percent turnout election. Rossi will lose even bigger by Friday.
Either the podium needs to be smaller or she definitely needs a foot stool to stand on. I didnt know how tiny she is.
king county will bury dino
Both Patty and Maria are very small. Patty claims 5'2", but I have a picture of myself with her, and she's decidedly smaller than I am - and I AM 5'2". Maria's about the same height I am, but she always wears major heels.
Umm, it looks like that kid is taller than Murray behind podium. Is she shrinking? Seriously