Vacant Lot on Pine Street Slated for Development By March, Source Says


I may be wrong, but isn't it "tract-housing" rather than "track-housing"?
Tract-housing developer, not track-housing...
with murray-franklin, you know you're going to get some award-winning design. i hope you like faux-traditional facades with EIFS and vinyl windows, cuz that's what you're getting! maybe they'll choose bold color schemes, like beige & terra-cotta!
@2, thanks!
Good. I hope they build something incredibly huge and ugly there, like one of those appalling box things in Ballard.

Why is it taking developers so long to totally destroy the city? Jesus.
It's track housing if it's by the railroad track.
I really hope they have those fake balconies that are so prevalent these days. Because whats better than a balcony that you can't actually stand on? I really don't know.
More demand for apartments = more jobs for people in the architecture/engineering/construction industry. A lot of those people have been out of work for a very long time. Getting them working again will be a good thing, in spite of the architectural "misses" that will go up in some places.

@3 I'm kind of curious which firm you work for, or if you're even working at all, because I swear you have talked shit about 90% of the arch firms in this town on Slog at one point or another.
Don't they have to go "back to the drawing board" due to Mr. Saxman's protests (and DRB concurrence)?
@8: murray-franklin isn't an architecture firm.