Thank You, Sloggers


67% of Missourians believe homosexuality is a sin.
you're very welcome!
My heart, she is warmed. Sweeeeet.
Happy to help!
yay! it's nice to do something on slog other than bitch and whine and make snarky comments... :) good job, us!
Sweet! Lovely to hear from them & what they're doing!
It's my pleasure! You are wonderful! And you deserve that and much, much more!
You're welcome. Thank you for making my day and for doing a little to make the world a more just, compassionate, and peaceful place to be in.

Best wishes,
That choked me right up. Slog does good more than once a year!
I've never been so glad to have been reminded that I am old.
Very nice. I'm impressed by how well-written the thank-you note is, too!
Aw, you kids make me want to cry. But you EARNED that dough, by being awesome.
ohhh, i love this update. i'm so happy to be a part of that. you should have more birthdays.
Sooo glad to hear they did well outta your birthday, and that they are spreading the love. Way to go, Liberty GSA and Dan, and all of Slog!
I was glad to donate too. Please keep continuing to study hard and support each other!
Aww... I'm teary. Well done Liberty GSA; our donations were just money without your work. I love to see community-building and peer-activism in action! :-)
This is lovely. It's great to see their activism! They should be proud. I only wish I could've given more.
My pleasure. It's nice to get the follow up. But the best part was hearing about how you kids used part of that money to work on making the rest of the world better for people who may have different problems than you do. You sound like a compassionate and dynamic bunch.
So cool! Good for you guys! So glad we could take a break from our snark and help you out...have a great school year!
Aww. <3
I wish I caught this when it first came around- I'm a Liberty alumni. We had a GSA when I was there but they were pressured into just calling themselves "The Alliance" with a vague "anti-bullying" statement, even though there was already an organization for that. Still, they hosted things like the Day of Silence, and I would like to point out that for as much opposition they faced, there's just as much support. Calling Liberty conservative isn't actually true- I remember things being pretty heavily split, though we were still in a red state. Anyway, glad to see they got even more bold as time went on, my mom (who taught some of those kids in Jr. High) and I are very proud.

You moron, it's "THEIR blood shall be upon them." Way to rattle me with my grammatical pet peeve.