Americans Can Be Painfully Lazy People


Great. You guys got another wake job zombie liberal hipster for you intern again. Great.
How can you possibly rebut a handgun?

With an assault rifle?
If only I didn't have to work at said shitty mall in order to, you know, live and stuff.
I enjoyed the article, up to the point that you, Unpaid Intern, got all snarky about where the incident took place or the food in question.

What crawled up your butt and died?
California Pizza Kitchen is not a restaurant for people who enjoy eating non-gluttonous portions. Parking in the back of the lot and walking to the restaurant is the least you should be doing to offset the calorie bombs they serve there.
Yes, everybody. Avoid shitty outposts of chain food for the nouveau not-even-riche. Instead, go to the unpermitted, uninspected, e-coli-burger stand Unpaid Intern wants to run out of the filthy, disease-ridden hovel he no doubt lives in because FREEDOM.
I just really don't like chain restaurants. I'm a small business guy. I don't have any problem with small businesses in the suburbs. I come from the suburbs myself and happily patronized many small businesses there before coming to Seattle. Sorry if I sounded all hipstered out.

@Hernandez -- But didn't you know more makes it better? This is why Cheesecake Factory is on the verge of being listed in the Mobil guide!
#7: Glad to see the clarification. Until that post I was wondering if you were missing Cracker Barrel.
People parking in food pick-up spots: Yet another situation with a 2nd Amendment remedy!
It's spelled "Filipino" not "Philipino".
unpaid intern don't be a motherfucking douche of all douches! your in the u s of motherfucking a now. "avoid his wrath" "how do you rebut a handgun?" everyone knows shotgun trumps pistol.

Wow. I like you! The Stranger should give you a permanent job.
Someone should tell all those people who live up around Northgate that they live in the suburbs and not actually in Seattle.

Some Unpaid Intern from somewhere else said so in Slog, so it must be true.
That pick up location for CPK at Northgate is not a parking spot. It's a set aside lane that holds two cars and if you can read english, you clearly are notified that the lane is for the specified purpose only. If you want to keep moving, you shouldn't be in that lane at all. The guy with the gun was an even bigger idiot than he was thugdouche.

Ayn Rand
northgate is a great place to live. takes me 10 minutes to bus downtown and i don't have to see pretentious douchebag hipster interns such as yourself.

1/10 weak troll, bro.
@10 -- Whoops, meant to sic that. Fixed.

@11 -- Silly me, you're right!

@16 -- 10 minutes to downtown by bus. Hmm. Isn't Northgate like exit 173? And isn't downtown like exit 164? I'm having a hard time believing you, buddy.
shoreline is a suburb. northgate is not.

before we tore down the city walls, northgate was the north gate of seattle, fortified against haida and tlingit marauding.
clearly anything north of cowen park is the fucking boonies to the stranger. when did livability get so uncool?
Or just be even lazier and get your pizza delivered. Unless armed anti-lazy-ass guy decides to go professional and gets a job as a delivery driver.
Nice that there was a police force for her to call, since she probably can't afford her own.
Shocking that the tea party guy loves the suburbs.

Talking about how "nouveau" a pizza chain is doesn't make you a hipster, it makes you a redneck, like all tea party libertarians.
It was you, wasn't it Unpaid Intern. You put on your yellowface disguise and drive (lazily) around the "suburbs" (any neighborhood you deem too uncool for you) waving your handgun at innocent people who just want to shove a pizza in their mouths in peace.
You can avoid being raped by not associating with men. Never be alone and unescorted. Cover your entire body. etc. etc.

The victim must change his/her behavior because obviously it wouldn't have happened otherwise, eh, unpaid intern?