Murray Campaign Warns That Rossi Could Take the Lead Tonight, But Says Murray Will Ultimately Win


Oh gods, I can hear them whining already. The minute he takes a lead, they'll assume it's all over; then the minute he loses it, it's shenanigans, King County vote fraud, Queen Christine burning ballots, whatever.

The really evil part of me wants the race to come down to a recount, and Dino to lose, just so I can watch them lose their shit. The part of me that likes peace and quiet, and the rational part, wants Patty to just win decisively.
Trouble is, Geni, many of them actually believe in all that shit, and it's sort of cancerous. Better a clean victory so the tired old fiction doesn't get resurrected. Time to be rational!
I don't really understand why political hacks feel the need to spin results in the direction of mindless confidence AFTER the voting is already over.
@3, I think the intent of the GOP is to undermine the legitimacy of Democrats who win close elections. The intent of Democrats is to convince anyone who might be falling for the GOP claims that the election was legitimate.

It's essentially a form of working the refs (in this case, the public and maybe the media) in advance of the *next* election.

"Ultimately"....sure, well ultimately there are just too many radiators in King County...