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No, if Tuesday had gone differently, the feds would still have seized the marijuana.
That Patti Smith appearance is freakin' incredible. How did I never see it before? Almost makes the rest of this news bearable. Thanks!
I love the Patti Smith clip, especially the send-off: "Don't go away because there's still more to come! We have Count Dracula and Adam Rich ... "

I had totally forgotten about Kids Are People Too!
Wow, do I ever miss the Kids are People Too!/That's Incredible era!

And how 'bout those kids. They love them some Mick Jagger...
My deepest sympathies to the families of the injured infant and deceased camper, but why do these stories always garner headlines? You never read "Thousands of deer murdered by hunters in Autumn" or "Raccoons, Possums, and Squirrels killed by the hundreds every day by automobiles."
It was 100 degrees in LA yesterday! I had to run my air conditioner.
@6 The same reason you never read "Millions of ants killed in flood," or "Trillions of bacteria killed under shoe." The smaller its brain, the less empathy a creature garners.
Re Patty vs. Dino: It's so cute when the conservatives start acting like it's unfair that each person gets one vote. We get a lot of that over here in Spokanistan. Even one (maybe more) of the local news channels is playing to that sentiment with headlines like this:…

Nothing about the active Secret Service investigation of credit card skimming, huh?

Even with 100 complaints?

... seriously ...
Thank you for that Patti Smith link. Made my day.
Great Patti Smith clip, but you're telling me it wasn't from the '70's? I always thought that bellbottoms and open-shirted hosts went out with disco.
Joe Brooks is smokin' hot in those pants. I love the kids losing their shit to ask a question to Patti!