It Gets Better: Canada


This is really sweet. And if you've never experienced a Rick Mercer "Rant," here's one on bullying:…
I love this Daniel-san. I only wish I was tech saavy enough to make one too.
This video makes me really proud. I'm so happy to see Rick Mercer in here too! Along with the 1Girl5Gays guys, and some other people I should probably know but don't. But this video is beautiful -- so glad to see it.
12 minutes?

life is short, people.....
Just kidding, turns out I do know a lot of these people... just never put names to faces. I feel a lot less like an ignorant citizen now.
@5 Like Ann-Marie MacDonald? Fall on Your Knees was such a powerful read.
I much rather see Mark Tewksberry in this video than how he was marginalized in Jason Kenney's (Minister for Immigration) new "guide" for immigrants. Well done all!
Canada? Dan, at least have the respect to give them a province or something. Effing provincial.
Dear Toronto:

We are dumb. We had a chance to elect Smitherman and didn't. I am so mad at us right now.
Megan McCain is recording one today. I just wish she would talk some sense into her dad.
I'm glad they put the number for Kid's Help Phone at the end there. Canadian kids can't call the Trevor Project!
@9 - Ditto. WTF is with Ford?
So proud to see this Canadian contribution!
Some of us believe that overproduced, ultra-gay videos mostly featuring rich celebrities and designers are at odds with the It Gets Better project, which did not need improving.
Your brilliant comment system stripped a link and HTML.
Oh god, are movement "waves" only lasting months now? Does that mean we're on 12th Wave Feminism? The increasing rate of memetic mutation is going to become increasingly problematic for The Academy, especially if we keep trying to use BOOKS, produced through a classical publishing structure. Fuck peer review, I'm going viral!

Anyway, as for on-topic comments:

@14: I don't see why it has to be an either/or proposition. The videos are moderated, so it's not TERRIBLY likely that people are going to start hijacking the space as a means of viral advertising for unrelated commercial crap (other than that implicit in celebrity endorsements, as celebrities implicitly advertise themselves as commodities simply by being seen and heard, and may or may not be unrelated or crap). And YOU seem to be the only one projecting a classification of "better" onto the professionally-produced videos (by saying IGBP didn't need "improving", you're implicitly describing the new wave as an improvement), which may belie feelings of insecurity related to a perceived devaluation of the more "raw" videos. Relax; Dan explicitly pointed out that the first-wave videos aren't going away.