Mayor Proposes Using MOHAI Money to Save Magnuson Building


Sounds like a great idea.

It's not like we can afford to build that tunnel anyway, and there aren't going to be any magic funding fairies for a long long long long long long long long time.

Maybe we can charge for parking at the Parks? I thought I heard a rumor about that on Tuesday.
It's a gotcha-riffic plan. Whatever it takes, I suppose.
In thinking about the "parking" charge at city parks, my first thought is that we'd be better off with a vendor coupon and sticker approach.

Let every citizen pay a low fee to get a Seattle Parks sticker (like the RPZ one) and non-residents can get one for twice that. And let visitors pay for a day ticket so they don't feel pressured to leave. Parks are for relaxing in.

Obviously it would be free for bikes, sk8rs, and peds.