Keeping Up With The Palins


I watch the show faithfully and I can tell you that the teabaggers are the only ones who are keeping Bristol on the show. There is no way Rick Fox should have gone home this week and Audrina Partridge last week, but that's what happened thanx to them.
Whose idea was that neckline?
"It's like calling me 'Dairy Queen Employee'. I was once, but I quit." Mercifully, we have Tina Fey to help us cope.
yeah, and i thought the Giants WS win was a GOOD OMEN. so fuck omens. omens are bullshit.
um, she WISHES she looked like palin? tina fey? that's like the mona lisa wishing it were a pile of dog shit in a trash heap.
@2 - someone who's seen inside MY DREAMS.
@6, it looks like a box-top flap.
gus, maybe he's dreaming about Raisin Bran. Don't Judge.


I read the article. Dan, don't help instill Palin paranoia. She won't make it through the Republican primaries, and even if she did it doesn't matter if the Dems are running Barack or Hillary or Al or even John Kerry, she'd get trounced. After this election, and by the time another 20 months have passed, I don't think the currently non-voting Dems are going to be willing to let the country be handed over to that vapid, fear-mongering fame whore.
@gus she could wear a paper bag and I still would
I'd like to think Palin would be smushed in any kind of serious campaign. But she didn't get smushed when tapped for VP. So I just find her scary. I can only hope that her shady finances, shady demeanor, record on quitting governship, etc, do sink her, as opposed to rousing the false canard of misogyny from *Republicans* (which I don't even, you don't want me to get started on that one) in order to quash those legitimate objections. *fume*

On a lighter note: Eatable Rainbow Roundup. Though the pedant in me keeps saying EDIBLE, DAMMIT. And my eyes. My *eyes*.
Canuck and dzngbit, of course I have NO quarrel with the lovely lady herself, just what some stylist did with her Two Scoops of Raisins there...
#11 .. she did get smushed when she ran for VP .. she just had McCain's company in the smushing

From what I understand, for straight men, it's not the quality of the dress that counts, it's the likelihood of a wardrobe malfunction. And that box top looks ready to flap down at any moment.
I think we're ok. Look how Harry Reid did against Sharron Angle. Even though he had a poor favorability rating, when faced with a choice between unfavorable and crazy, Nevada voted unfavorable by a sizeable margin.
Sarah Palin holds grudges like nobody's business. You know that Tina Fey's impersonation drove Palin absolutely insane.
To answer Letterman's question of how she does it, I would direct people to the interview Fey did for Terry Gross, back in '08.

I fucking HATE Letterman (and this was before his scandal), but I will watch anything that includes Tina Fey. I liked the dress, but then I'm a straight guy who knows almost nothing about fashion and also harbors a huge crush on that woman.
If CHENEY/bush/Rove can get their asses installed in the White House -- TWICE!!! -- there's more'n enough T-Baggers (can I say that here?) and Dupids --- and the RATSKies (Supremist Court) -- to install Sarah/ROSSI!!!!/and The Turd Blossom in '12.

Never underestime the Right. Nothing is beneath them. Shitworms puke when they notice them.