Murray's Lead Widens, Larsen's Lead Widens, and Sanders Stays Ahead as King County Counts More Ballots


Also watch around 6 for the Thurston (and Kitsap at 5) numbers to drop, and squeeze that Court race more.
What does it mean that the Larsen-Koster margin is "now sitting at 50.36 percent to 49.64 percent statewide . . ."?

That is, what does "statewide" mean in this context?
What's the automatic recount number? 1000 votes? Or is it more?
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2000 votes and .5%, if memory serves. Or a candidate can just ask and pay for it.
@2: Good point. Will fix.

It's all over for the shouting..Rossi just called Murray to announce that he sent her as a gift, a set of silver mixing bowls so DC stylists can continue to give her that signature "doo" we all love.
King County has zilch to do with Larsen's lead, I think there's one precinct in the county
I hear President Obama just sent a notice to Comrade Rossi that he's been activated for a top secret mission to Antarctica to test out how soldiers survive wearing only shorts and a sun hat.
Looks like if the current numbers hold, Saunders keeps a (smaller) lead over Wiggins. The margin should drop to around 7,000 votes from the 18,000 it's at right now (5:35pm). Of course, this doesn't take into account that given the late coverage, (1) people might be more likely to vote for Wiggins, and (2) that of the uncounted voters, more than 80% of people who voted might vote in the race. Both of these are good for Wiggins. It should be really close.
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I'm obsessed with this race. I am keeping track of every county as their results report, and have been getting giddier and giddier.

Let's pretend that every county stayed right where they are percentage wise from here on out, and the rest of the votes went just as the counties are (so KC's remaining votes would have a 57.35-42.65 Wiggins split, not the 61% of the vote he's gotten in yesterday and today's ballots), then Sanders leads when they are all counted by just over 2,000.

However, as we are seeing, that isn't what's happening. For instance, Whitman County actually had just over 50% of today's votes go to Wiggins (Sanders is leading overall 52.64-47.36). Pierce County has had the Sanders lead in the late votes diminish by 2%, SnoCo by 1% (maybe more after tonight), and Kitsap by about 1.5% (and, of course, King by 5%), all from election night. Every other county except for Clark and a couple small ones have defied this trend (even Spokane has seen Sanders percentage drop by just over a point).

Playing that game, then, and only using the percentages of the late ballots to estimate the remaining in Pierce, Snohomish, Thurston, Kitsap and King, Wiggins wins with around 11,000 votes based on the numbers at 5:35 p.m. today. that would be about 0.56% above Sanders, so outside of recount range.

I'm cautiously optimistic, but more so today than yesterday.
My ballot, which I dropped in the official dropbox in Ballard on Monday, has yet to be logged as "received" on the King County Elections ballot-tracker -- much less "verified" and counted.

So they've still got a long, long way to go.…
tick tock people

it IS the 21st century, or haven't you heard?....
I voted over a week ago and my signature has been verified but my votes have not been counted.
don't forget Jefferson county where Wiggins carried 59.72% (!)
and whose next ballot count is tomorrow, the first since election night. yay Port Townsend hippies!
Dino Rossi's concession speech will come in the form of an announcement that he's running for governor in 2012.
Snohomish County is trending Koster and Sanders. I'm afraid the numbers won't look as good in an hour.
#15: I doubt it. Now that Dino Rossi has proven to be too good to be governor or senator, he'll run against Barack Obama in 2012. Then he'll run for Pope in 2014 when Ratzinger mysteriously disappears.
@16: Sanders lost a little ground (about 20 votes?) and Larsen narrowed slightly. Larsen will win, Wiggins has a slight chance if the last minute Sanders articles had their push.
I called 2% Eli. What do I win?!!?!

As stated above, I'm hyper tracking this. Based on the numbers that have come in after election day, and only adjusting King, Kitsap, Pierce, Snohomish and Thurston Counties estimated percentage of the vote that goes to either candidate from the remaining ballots (and assuming that 1.5% are thrown out for signatures, and that only 78% of voters vote in this race, which is about the average), while leaving EVERY other county alone (Sanders has lost percentage ground in EVERY county except Clark and a couple smaller ones, including losing ground in Spokane), my newest estimate has Wiggins up, when all is said and done, 50.37-49.63, or just over 14k votes.

I could be wrong, of course, but these late ballots have been trending in a very positive direction.
I worked on the Stan Rumbaugh for Justice race (I don't want to talk about it) but I am so happy to see Wiggins doing a great job. I was privilege to listen to him speak many times before the primary and even know he has said on record he would not have voted different than the majority on DOMA in the past I do believe after this election he would be for the LGBT community. I am rooting for Charlie, he is great.

Eli you should be commended on raising the profile of these Justice campaigns. Working on a state wide Supreme Court race, its tough even getting someone to pay attention let alone unseating a sitting justice.

After we get Charlie on the bench, the focus should now be on the Governor as she will be appointing someone to the reaming term of Justice Alexander (who has become more and more conservative over time). Alexander is age limited this spring. Rumor has it the Gov has a “list” and I sure hope on that list is a pro LGBT person.

p.s at the end of me writing this comment I just saw Grizzly Mama Palin’s new political commercial (barf)
Both the State House and State Senate are Democratic as we speak, and the entire West Coast.

Alaska doesn't count - they have an Independent for their Senator.